Project 365 // Weeks 2 and 3

I had every intention of doing a post last Sunday, and a post today; but I’m finding this years Project 365 a lot harder than when I did it last time – mainly because I’m training 4x a week, and what with work this doesn’t leave a lot of time to take, edit and upload photos. So they seem to be done in batches. There are more photos than I would like that are last minute jobs.

But I need to remember that the whole point of this was to get used to using a different camera system. Which I am doing.

Light bulb // 13/01/2020// Lego Friends // 14/01/2020// A Warm Glow // 15/01/2020// Gerbera // 16/01/2020// Skulls // 17/01/2020// Selfie // 18/01/2020// Clothes // 19/01/2020// Shell // 20/01/2020// Left over Booze // 21/01/2020// Birthday Treats // 22/01/2020// Birthday Shark // 23/01/2020// A New Blanket // 24/01/2020// S and K // 25/01/2020// Birthday Sushi // 26/01/2020//

Project 365 – Week 2

This year is the first time that I’ve been going to the gym whilst doing a project 365. Let’s see what happens.

Day 6 – Flowers (06/01/2020)
Luckily this week is a deload week, so that means I can ease myself into the routine of back at work, gym and taking a photo.

Flowers // 06/01/2020//

Day 7 – Konnichiwa
Little Danbo out playing with his new friend.

Konnichiwa // 07/01/2020//

Day 8 – Shell
Gave in and swapped to the old Pentax and the macro lens.

Shell // 08/01/2020//

Day 9 – Tulip
It’s about this time when you question why you started this project as it’s dark and you are starting to run out of things to photograph…. Which means that I’ll have to start coming up with ideas and planning what days I am going to execute them. This is where this year is going to be trickier than previous years, as I’m going to the gym 3 week nights as well.

Tulip // 09/01/2020//

Day 10 – Bass
I forgot how rubbish a project 365 is when it’s January and your at work and it’s dark.

Bass // 10/01/2020//

Day 11 – Bed Time for Danbo
Another morning of strong(wo)man training and a contact lens check up meant I was tired. Almost as tired a Danbo.

Bed Time for Danbo // 11/01/2020//

Day 12 – Forgotten
One full week down. Feel like I’m learning a lot about my new camera system (Swopped from Pentax dSLR to Fuji mirrorless). Getting my head around settings and what not!
Alternative title for this shot is “I really need to dye my roots”.

Forgotten // 12/01/2020//

Project 365 – Week 1

I’m not sure that I can quite cope with uploading a project 365 blog every day, so I’m going to go with a roundup of the week post on a Sunday.

I genuinly had no intentions of doing a Project 365(I guess 366) this year, but I kinda decided to go with it on the second (I’d already taken a picture on the first) so we will see how it goes.

The idea behind this is that I need to get used to a new camera before I go on holiday. I’m kind of all or nothing so I figured that the commitment of a Project 365 would sort me out.

Day 1 – New Years Day (01/01/2020)
We went to my mum and dad’s house for dinner, as is the tradition

New Years Day // 01 01 2020//

Day 2 – Santa’s Laundry (02/01/2020)
We packed the decorations away on this day.

Santa's Laundry // 02 01 2020//

Day 3 – New Beginnings (03/01/2020)
Not much happened on this day. We kinda used it to get ready for going back to work on the Monday. Buying food in, meal prepping, doing the washing etc. Exciting times.

New Beginnings // 03 01 2020//

Day 4 – Nice Warm Cuppa (04/01/2020)
This was a reminder of why I’m doing this project. Oddly putting an external flash gun on the horse shoe did not result in the camera automatically syncing. This turned into an internet search which lasted a good 30 mins before I managed to figure it out.
I wasn’t that happy with the result, but I figured at least I’d managed to get the flash fun working…

Nice Warm Cuppa // 04/01/2020//

Day 5 – Flasks and stars
Back to work tomorrow 😦

Flasks and Stars // 05/01/2020//

Monsal Dale (and Trail)

Headstone Viaduct, Monsal Trail Today we decided to go for a walk in the Peak District. Monsal Trail is somewhere I have been before, but I’ve never seen the viaduct from the hilltop, only walked over it. View into the Valley

We set off early (because in the UK the clocks went back last night, meaning that when we got up at 8 our bodies thought it was 9) and when we got there there was plenty of parking.

View into the Valley We were following a route from the Walking Englishman, but skipped bits of it because we didn’t have a lot of change for parking! haha View into the Valley

It was miserable all day. I did wonder if the mist would burn off and the clouds might get more interesting, but no. It stayed grey and misty all day.

Headstone Viaduct, Monsal Trail



I’ve really enjoyed getting out and shooting the last few days.
The weather has been ideal for it, and I’ve been motivated to do it. Even though I’ve not been shooting on my proper camera every day, I’ve still taken a photo every day. It’s much more relaxed and I’ve been enjoying shooting a lot more – although since the clocks changed and it’s lighter for longer I have been missing it. I’m hoping to shoot more regularly with my camera from now on.

The promise of summer

And a bit of a photo dump!

The promise of summer

I had a bit of a nightmare week last week. I had a bad cold, but we’d been let down by the plasterer (We’re having the bedroom redecorated) which meant we had more work to do that we’d originally planned. The original plan was; plasterer turn up and skim walls and ceiling on Sat, plaster to dry and me to mist coat and paint Wed – Fri (depending on when it was dry), attach new skirting boards, light fitting and radiator over the long weekend, new carpet on Tuesday.


This all went out of the window as we had to sort the walls out ourselves, then when we were reattaching the radiator kB bent the pipe and it sprung a leak. Then when we got that fixed (Frantically on Tuesday morning before the carpet fitter came), the valve sprung a leak because it was corroded and all of the knocking about had pushed it over the edge.


Luckily, everything was sorted and fixed in time and now we are almost back to normal. Just a bit tired and bored of DIY!

Tulips <3

Silhouette // 19 03 16

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