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Wistful (The final sunrise)

Wistful // 26 07 15207 // 365

Not a good morning at all. My camera decided to topple over as I was taking some photos, but neither me nor my boyfriend were in reaching distance of it. Totally smashed the lens cover on a rock and it took a bit of a splash, but the lens and camera appear to work. I’ve not really had time to properly check them though, so I’m not getting my hopes up too much. My camera is waterproof but the lens isn’t. The lens cap rim has bent and it stuck on the camera, so I can’t get the hood off (it was on backwards) nor put another lens ring on it. So so so annoyed (obviously!) The final sunrise

The great bleak nothingness

The great bleak nothingness //  24 07 15 205 // 365

We went up the side of a mountain to see the sunset. Only when we got here it was really really really misty. I must have been the only person on the tour who was excited about this. I requested the brown blanket (the others were sunset coloured or had stars on them) and went off to one side to shoot this.
Shame we didn’t see the sunset, because you can’t actually see it from where we are staying anyway (it sets over the mainland, and it’s very hilly) but one must make the most of a bad situation!