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Where lost girls dwell

Where lost girls dwell // 08 06 14159 // 365

After yesterdays rather confused climate, today is in so far lovely. Warm, sunny and a little bit of a breeze. We went out to do a weird shoot on the train tracks but it was too sunny really for me to get what I was going for – and the clouds weren’t really blocking the sun very much. I would like to point out that they are disused railway lines – disused for quite a while I suspect as there are trees growing in the middle of them in places!

On the way down I’d spotted some poppies next to a field, so on the way back I pulled over! ^_^

Fields of poppies

Fields of poppies


I’ve driven past this field every (work) day for 3 years almost. It’s never been so saturated with poppies. A lot of the fields I drive through have a fair few poppies in them, but this one is the king of poppies field. It’s beautiful.

I am still stinging from climbing through should high nettles and weeds to get here. Then there was the ditch that I almost fell down.
When I finally got there (literally took about 2 minutes, but felt like 15 hacking my way through stingers and sticky stuff and watching out for slugs) there was a house on the top of the hill and I was on the look out for angry farmers with their dog coming out and shouting at me.

It all passed without incident though, and within 30 minutes I was back in my car driving home.