Water drops on a Poinsettia

Water drops on a Poinsettia // 19 12 14353 // 365

Every year I struggle to get a decent shot of a poinsettia plant, so this year I thought I’d try to add some interest with a water drop (or two). Do I think it’s particularly a more interesting shot? No… Not really! But ho hum, another one in the bag

Leaves of the Poinsettia plant

020 // 365
Today I was massively uninspired. I took quite a lot of shots, hated everything. Put the SD card in my camera and reshot several times. Ended up going with this one. It was the only shot if the leaf I took, and it was about the 15th shot I took, so I guess I could have called it quits long before I did.
I often find I do that. Dislike all my shots when I upload them to the PC, reshoot them, then end up going with something I took originally.

Here is one more shot from yesterday’s trip to Humber Bridge.

Poinsettia Leaf

The poinsettia is on it’s way out.I was quite looking forward to doing a shot with the red leaves in contrast with the green – but the red leaves don’t seem to back light so well, so I made do with just a green leaf. First chance I’ve had to use my back lighting box which me and kB built 🙂

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