Back to pink…

Back to pink... // 08 06 15159 // 365

Back to pink! Accidentally mind.

On Saturday I decided I was fed up with my roots being orangey so I bought a permanent red dye and covered over them. I then decided it would look cool if I bleached the ends out so it went from dark to brightish red. In doing so the bleach turned my hair a lovely pastel colour, so I rebleached the whole thing.

I would like to thank coconut oil for keeping my hair in fairly decent condition!

I looooooove it ❤

World of my own

I needed to go out for a walk this evening. Sometimes it just clears the head. It was raining quite hard for most of the later afternoon/early evening though, so it wasn’t looking likely. I waiting until after tea, then even though it was still drizzling decided to go out anyway.

Plan one was ruined as where I had intended to go was flooded; plan two was ruined because they had put up new fencing. Grrr.

This is another fisheye shot, just from when I was out there. I got soaked because the wild flowers/grass came up to my head in places (I’m fairly tall at 5 foot 10!) but it worked and I felt better for getting out of the house. kB says it is odd how we bought a house but I get cabin fever and want to get out; truth be told I have always been like this so it’s not odd for me at all.

The six week holidays are coming up quickly and they can’t get here fast enough. I am utterly fed up with work at the moment and need a break from it.

Down in the forest

I made a commission on one of my shots the other week so decided, after much deliberation, to spend it on a fisheye lens. I was considering a UWA but went with a fisheye in the end, figured it suits my current style better, and this is the kind of style I want to work with more.

From every caterpillar

Started to get a little bit fed up of spending loads of time in Photoshop for surreal June so I’ve decided to go down this route as I am ill. Thought it was hayfever but now I have updgraded it through man flu to woman flu. All achey and tired and sniffly 😥 Woe.

It’s kB’s birthday tomorrow and I have baked him a Sachertorte (I think I’ve spelt that right…) now to go and ice it with some ganache and wrap up his presents ^-^



Last week of this school year for us as we change over into new year groups four weeks before the summer holidays. I’m tired and either ill or suffering from hayfever. I think it’s that I am ill as I ache as well.

Experimenting with tones and editing tonight, to try and achieve something a bit different. I’m lucky that kB will come out with me when I want to take a shot – he just kinda stands there as I have a tripod and remote shutter and what not, it’s just moral support.

After I edited the shot I made a Sachertorte for kB’s birthday on Wednesday. The recipe said to leave it for a couple of days before cutting it, so this worked out well. I’ve made the cake and added the jam, now I just need to wait for the jam to set so I’ll be icing it tomorrow. It looks OK, but the proof is in the tasting!

Pink Hair

Sometimes I get fed up of my pink hair. It stains, it fades.
Sometimes I consider dying over it.
Then I realise that for all the annoyances with it, I do love it ❤ ^_^

Today I decided to flap around with my macro lens and my macro flash ring.


So this photo sums up how I’m feeling at the moment. Supposed to be a grown up but feeling a bit lost like I want to tuck up in bed and cuddle my toys and hide from the world.

Not upset really, just lost. Unsure of what is coming and what to expect.

And here are some out takes….

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