Field of Stars

Field of Stars

I love it when the buttercups come out! ^_^
It was really windy whilst I was shooting this, and cold. Well it wasn’t cold, cold; but you would have wanted a jumper on. Which is a bit rubbish really given that it is June tomorrow!

: )

: ) // 27 06 14178 // 365

This was such a hassle to shoot in terms of holding the camera in one hand and holding hands with the other. You would have thought that I was asking my boyfriend to stand on one hand the amount of huffing and sighing involved in this. Such an effort to hold my hand 😛

In a tangle

In a tangle // 10 05 14130 // 365

Eurovision song contest tonight. It’s usually so bad that it is funny.
I was supposed to go on a band photo shoot in the woods; but originally it was too sunny, then it rained so we are trying again tomorrow.


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