Of empty dreams

Of empty dreams // 27 01 15027 // 365

Another really tired day and night so I’ve decided to give my exercises a miss. I’m trying to not feel bad about not doing them, as I tend to be a all or nothing kind of girl and I need to learn moderation with things like this. If I was just feeling a bit tired then I would have done them, but this is like a woah tired.

It took me two attempts to come up with an idea I was happy with (I shall blame the tiredness for this!) but I have managed to sort out the hotel for when we go festivalling later in the year. Rock ‘n’ roll.

Pessimistically optimistic

Pessimistically optimistic // 12 09 14255 // 365

Another week down, another weekend is here. Getting up early tomorrow morning to try to take another part of a series I am working on.
This image is another one in the series, each image links the previous one to the next one.

At sunset

At sunset // 03 07 14184 // 365

I am finding the ‘Ripped in 30′ DVD better than ’30 Day Shred’. My legs kill on the inside, but today (at the end of day 3) I found that I could do the exercises better and I wasn’t quite as much of a sweaty mess 🙂 Progress!

Name unknown

Name Unknown // 04 06 14

155 // 365

I have so many flowers in my back garden and I don’t know what they are called. I bought them because they looked pretty, and didn’t read the label! This is one such flower.


Wonder // 25 05 14145 // 365

Yesterday it rained so so much. Today it has rained on and off, so whilst it was ‘off’ I ventured into the garden with my favourite little man and got a few shots. I feel really tired today; I didn’t wake up until 1030 which is unusually late for me, then I went back to bed  at 1230 for 3 hours! I still feel tired now, and I’m hoping that it’s just because I did quite a bit yesterday.

Wonderful spring weekend // 30 03 14
089 // 365

This weekend has been a lovely weekend. Yesterday was a lot brighter than today, but this morning I noticed that a lot of flowers had come out in my garden!
There are snake’s head fratellis, tulips, daffodils (white ones, normal ones, tiny triple headed ones), wall flowers, pansy’s…! 🙂
I think last year was the first time I planted tulips on the front, they will get more sun that the ones on the back; but the ones on the back are not too far off flowering.
Prepare for a lot of flower photos! 😛

Light in the gloomy winter day

007 // 365
Sometimes we must seek out the light, rather than expecting it to come to us

As you can see my carnations are still going strong from last year 😉

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