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Rose // 06 01 2022

As a special post Christmas treat to myself, I got serious lens-GAS (gear Acquisition Syndrome, basically when you want to buy something but you don’t really need it).
I spent ages looking at different lenses. Got convinced that I wanted the f0.95 that Fuji do. Talked myself out of that (As it’s £££). Wasn’t happy with the fact I’d not bought anything.
Spent a few more days tooing and froing with different prime lenses. Then came across the Venus Laowa 60mm 2:1 lens. For those not in the know, this means that the lens can portray objects 2x the size they are. So small objects will appear larger than they are.

I love a macro lens. So in my mind I justified this purchase.
I shall I add it to my 90mm and my 14mm macro lenses.
Because gal can never have enough macro lenses : )

Only half

Only half // 12 07 14193 // 365

This is yesterday’s photo. I was rather busy yesterday (Dying my hair purple and blue, exercise, went out for tea and drinks!) so I’m a day late with the photo. I’ve been quite busy of late, so I’ve ended up defaulting to flowers – one more week until the six week holidays so I should be able to mix it up a bit more then. I’m just grateful that I have so many flowers open in my garden to be able to default to them!

Japanese Anemones

Japanese Anemones

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I’m not too sure when these popped up in my garden, but judging by the state of the petals it might have been a while ago. I only noticed them yesterday though; they are a late summer flower and they’ve been in my mum’s garden for a couple of months now but only just come out in mine : )

Sunshine in Darkness

Sunshine in Darkness

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I have outdone myself today with naps (I’m an avid napper), today I have had 2 and totalled over 4 hours asleep. Some would consider this a waste of a day, I consider it a success! : P

Went to see my mum today who has had a bunion off – this was in one the bouquets she has been given : )