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This is yesterday’s photo. I was rather busy yesterday (Dying my hair purple and blue, exercise, went out for tea and drinks!) so I’m a day late with the photo. I’ve been quite busy of late, so I’ve ended up defaulting to flowers – one more week until the six week holidays so I should be able to mix it up a bit more then. I’m just grateful that I have so many flowers open in my garden to be able to default to them!

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Funny how different things thrive in different situations

Flowers are a good example. My cut carnations have been in the house since last year, and still look fine. These tulips were bought on Friday and already are starting to wilt.

Japanese Anemones

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I’m not too sure when these popped up in my garden, but judging by the state of the petals it might have been a while ago. I only noticed them yesterday though; they are a late summer flower and they’ve been in my mum’s garden for a couple of months now but only just come out in mine : )

Sunshine in Darkness

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I have outdone myself today with naps (I’m an avid napper), today I have had 2 and totalled over 4 hours asleep. Some would consider this a waste of a day, I consider it a success! : P

Went to see my mum today who has had a bunion off – this was in one the bouquets she has been given : )


Today was quite a busy day after work. I managed to do pilates, then go to the first “Hot Hula” class (basically like hula dancing!), then in the shower and wash my hair! It’s 10pm and my hair looks like a lion’s mane as I’ve yet to do anything with it… Better get on with that!

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