Into the abyss043 // 365

This is how my head feels today.
I am suffering from a bit of ‘man flu’ so woe is me etc. However, it is Wednesday evening, and soon it will be Friday when I pick up my new car (hurray!)

Signs of spring041 // 365

Figured it was about time I mixed it up a bit. My images did start to get a bit dark and stay dark! : )
Does anyone else find that just looking at daffodils cheers you up? They are such a happy bright colour! ^_^

Keeping secrets

039 // 365

This year one of my aims was to experiment more with lighting (which I have been doing!), but another aim was to make images to fit into sets and so here we go.
The name of this set is ‘Silence and Secrets’ and you can see the whole set so far <a href=""<here.

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