Into the Unknown

Into the unknown // 01 08 14213 // 365

This morning my good friend Mr H got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to go anywhere. We decided on Brodsworth Hall as we weren’t 100% sure on the location of our other idea and didn’t want to spend all day walking around in circles trying to find it! Mr H is very kind to me, and he always offers to drive so as to save my legs ^_^

You can find Mr H’s flickr photos here. Where there are a lot of gates as he is aiming to find and shoot 365 gates!


Curbar Edge

Curbar Edge // 25 07 14206 // 365

It is still really really hot. This morning I went for a walk with my mum at Curbar Edge. There was a nice breeze when we were at the top, and it wasn’t too bad when the sun was behind the clouds – but then we went down the hill and there was no breeze and the sun came out and jeeeeez warm!


Bewildered // 01 05 14121 // 365

Today it was misty. The mist kind of never went away, but it came back about tea time-ish. By this time I was in the peak district (countryside, so the mist is thicker) with my friend. This pleases me because I was wanting a shot in the mist the last time we had loads of smog, but I never made it out in it!


SoS (in Bluebell Woods)

SoS // 27 04 14
117 // 365

Day 16 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 15: I have no idea what it’s called but it is part of the Trans Pennine Trail, UK

So, 16 days later and I managed to take a photo in 15 different places, weather being the only reason I didn’t make it to 16. The furthest away I ventured was my grandma’s house I think. She lives about 40 minutes away, most of these locations are really close to my house and for this I am grateful. I live in a great area for woodlands, parks and general nature-y stuff ^_^

I really wanted to do this my with bird cage rather than the lantern again, but I was going on my own and had enough to carry anyway without a massive birdcage. I was dubious about setting the smoke off, as I hadn’t realised how close these woods are to a golf course and I could hear some men talking, and see another man mowing the grass! It turns out that this smoke isn’t quite as bad as I’d anticipated, mainly because my only other experience with it was in a house where it was quite condensed. Glad that I eventually decided to bit the bullet and light it, though I am now out of smoke stuff until the other bath I ordered comes through the post.

Sadly though, day 16 also means that it is back to work tomorrow however there isn’t long to go until the next holiday!

I’ve also ordered a new prop which I am so so so excited about *flails arms about*.

Bluebell woods

Left behind

271 // 365
facebook page.

Went out with the photography group again today; it started out a bit overcast but ended up being really nice!
I do, however, really need to learn to listen to my own body and turn back when I’ve done too much.
Two pictures here, there are more on my Facebook page though.

The paths we walk

260 // 365
facebook page.

Nine days to go until day 1000 of taking a photo every day.
Today has been a rough day at work, but it has been lovely to come home and put creativeLIVE on and be inspired by other people.
I love checking out the work of others, but it’s really hard to not look at others work which is better than yours and then feel upset because you think you will never be that good!

Heading towards a storm

This is near where I “grew up” (if that is what it’s called when you are in your late teens/early twenties?). We moved here just as I was finishing university and I lived here for a good few years before we bought our own place.
I hated it when we first moved there. It was “dark” and “in the middle of nowhere”, but as these things tend to go I ended up loving that house and the land that was around it.
I used to walk to the end of the road, through the wooden gate and across the fields fully stocked up with drink, blanket and book. I would sit under a tree at the top of a hill and read.
Happy memories.
Now there are gates and fences put up all around it and big shaggy Shetland cows graze in there for some of the year.
There were butterflies and bees out in force today, and a rattle snack (probably a cricket but my childhood over-active imagination never wore off).

Path by the Bluebells

Me and kB went out for a little walk after tea. It was rather chilly though so we only stopped out for half an hour or so.

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