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In The Rain

In the Rain // 30 01 16

Today started off as a lovely day. However we had things to do so taking this weeks photo for my “Changing Seasons” project got pushed back to being an afternoon activity. As it turns out it started to snow just as I was setting off, but I’d got no choice but to go out anyway as the next week starts tomorrow, and I didn’t have a shot. And the sun was setting in an hour. Woo! Lesson learnt; don’t leave it so late! Here are some more zoo shots from Chester Zoo last weekend, because why not.





Reflections // 10 01 1602 // 52

We (kB and I) have decided that as part of my Project 52 we will go on a walk once a month (at least) to a different place each time and then go for a pub lunch.

Even though last weekend we went out for photo number 1 in the series, we decided to go out again this weekend. Mainly because I was going to go out anyway, and I think kB wanted a pub lunch. Besides we didn’t go out after we’d shot last weeks photo as we were a bit damp so we just came straight home.

The pub we went to is called The Norfolk Arms, and I think we got there at just about the right time as people couldn’t get a seat about 10 minutes after we had ordered. We’ve driven past this pub loads of times, but it was the first time we’ve been inside it.
kB ordered a New York Deli burger and I have a mushroom thing, as the soup of the day was Carrot and Coriander, and I don’t like coriander.
Anywhoo it was very nice and as I pointed out to kB on the way home this time next week the walk and pub location will be in Loch Lomond as we’ll be half way to Skye!


On a Road to Nowhere

On a road to nowhere // 09 01 16

The original shot, taken on New Year’s Day not long after I’d lain in the ice puddle never quite sat right with me (As I said in the last post). Today the conditions were good to have another go, so off I went this afternoon.

As soon as I crested the ‘hill’ I knew that the shot would work better if the camera were at the top, with me at the bottom. I use the term hill loosely mind, as the hill wasn’t exactly big; more of an incline if you will. I knew that this would emphasise the path and the perspective created would allow the path to peter out into the distance.

I wanted to create a sense of night drawing in, some of the colour lingers but the sun has set and the light is fading.

Thankfully it wasn’t as cold today so it wasn’t too much of a bother to be out barefoot, although I wasn’t there for very long at all. I think I took about 10 pictures in total, and only went back to the camera once (To check focus and positioning in the frame).

I have realised today that I am really missing the sky. The sun doesn’t rise until after I get to work, and it’s setting when I’m leaving. Aside from that it’s been very cloudy since the new year, so it doesn’t matter that it’s dark anyway. Hopefully I’ll get to see the sky again soon! 😛

Patches of light

Patches of light // 08 04 15098 // 365

I went for another walk today, same place as last night I just went a bit further. Found some cool spots to take photos but the light wasn’t right, so I shall save them for another time.

I actually prefer the flower shot, but went with the path shot as photo of the day as I feel we’ve had rather a lot of flower shots of late!

Hazy flowers
Cherry Blossom