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Lemons, pine cones and bad backs

Lemons, pine cones and bad backs

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Last Saturday me and kB went to an all day indoor mini festival kind of thing, we’d only really gone because I wanted to see Rotting Christ but we ended up not stopping until the end because we both had bad backs.
My bad back has remained since then….

312 // 365

Terrible day at work. Migraine, felt sick, eye felt like it was going to pop out of my head, and the bad back decided to rear it’s ugly head again. It hadn’t really gone all week, but it felt like it was getting better. But no, not today. Felt like Quasimodo and sitting, standing or laying down made no difference. Pain killers took some of the edge off of it but didn’t kill it. The back pain might be to do with my bad posture due to my knees/ligaments… Lovely!

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Just a homage to my bad back : |
Today though I did manage to get my pictures hung up in a cafe in Stocksbridge. The cafe is called CoffeeApple Cafe, and my pictures will be up for about 8 weeks during which time they will be for sale – ÂŁ25 each : )
The inside of the cafe is really nice, loved the tables and chairs (old looking) and at the same it was still modern (iPads and Mac’s connected up the internet around the outside). The staff were really friendly, and gave us a free drink whilst I decided which images to hang up and the order to put them in, you can see what it looks like on my Facebook page if you are interested!

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

I’m trying to keep myself separate online. This blog is for photography, the Blogger blog is secret and it is for whatever I feel like venting about. I have two Tumblrs, one for random poop, the other for photos. This blog is not going to turn into a illness blog, nor is this a cry for pity, it’s just something which has been playing on my mind a lot recently.

I’ve had bad knees for a long time. Exercise makes them work, ironically I’ve been lazy for a lot of my life and when I finally decided to become active my own body worked against me. 
I’ve been to the doctors before. Bad knees, don’t do anything high impact, do pilates. If walking makes it better then walk.
This worked fine for years.

Recently though I’ve been having a lot of problems. I can’t sit cross legged. I can’t kneel on my knees. I can’t stand up for too long. Walking made it worse. I can’t sit without my legs being slightly stretched out.
I put it off for months but finally I went back to the doctors. Honestly I was expecting a “we’ll refer you back to physio but you’ll be fine in a couple of months when they give you some new exercise”. I wasn’t expecting to be told I was hypermobile.

Naturally I came home and Googled it. There is a test, if you score 4 or more than you are hypermobile. I scored 5 (and a bit, my arms aren’t as bad as the picture but they still bend the wrong way a bit).

If you are hypermobile and experience pain in your joints then you are suffering from Joint Hypermobiity Syndrome. There is no cure for it, you can only manage it with pain killers and physio.

It does explain why I’m always tired and anxious.

Truth be told I’m bummed out by it. I don’t want to be unfixably poorly : ( I want to be fit and healthy.