As I am prepared girl I check the weather forecast a lot. Sometimes it is right, sometimes it is not…
All week it has been saying it will be a nice day today, so I decided to take my camera to work so that if I left at the earliest possible opportunity I could go somewhere local and take sunset photos.

January Sunset


Jellyfish Swirls

I have made a rather large mess in the kitchen which I have to go clean up, but it pleases me that the blue looks a little bit like a jellyfish ^_^


As a treat I bought myself a spring bouquet, which contains dwarf daffodils, tulips and hydrengas ^_^
First day back at work today and it went OK, although now it feels like I never had a holiday…


Walking the Dog

Today is the first day this year where I woke up with no photography ideas in mind. I hate days like this as they instil in me a small amount of panic – what if I can’t think of anything? o_O
I decided to be productive in the morning and go get some bits for my photography next week when I go back to work, and as I was driving to the shops I realised it was misty!

I’m a girl who loves a bit of mist so then I started (mildly) flapping about the mist being gone by the time I’d got back from the shops. It hadn’t so off I went.

Saturday Morning Stroll

Krys is really rubbish at getting up in the morning and so he decided (rather boringly) to spend most of his Amazon gift voucher money on one of those alarm clocks which wakes you up by pretending to be the sun. As predicted it woke me up before it woke him up, however it seemed to work so that’s a positive. We planned to get up early anyway and go to Rivelin Valley so off we went 🙂



Misty morning at Ladybower reservoir

The weather said it would be nice this morning. The weather lied.
Got up nice and early to go to Ladybower, only to find it overcast, mist and drizzly. Decided to stick it out for about an hour and see if I could make the best of a bad situation seeing as I’d gone to the effort to get up early and go there.

However, the weather is now nice. So there we go 😛

Poinsettia Leaf

The poinsettia is on it’s way out.I was quite looking forward to doing a shot with the red leaves in contrast with the green – but the red leaves don’t seem to back light so well, so I made do with just a green leaf. First chance I’ve had to use my back lighting box which me and kB built 🙂

Sheffield v Rotherham

I hate waiting to take my photo of the day, I always think some sort of disaster will befall the idea and I’ll have to take a hasty shot to make up for it. Luckily this morning we were taking Christmas down (always a sad time) and I shot the baubles as I was packing them away so I had back up shots – I just hate it when a plan might not come together…

Luckily this time it did! ^_^ It was really rather windy though, so a lot of the shots are slightly OOF, but there are a few which were usable with this one being my favourite because of the sky.


As the weather forecast looked for the morning I decided to get up early and go for a little walk. This was taken where I normally go to take photos when I can’t be bothered to travel too far but want to be outside, except this time I went a different route and found some nice potential spots for future photos (weather/lighting conditions weren’t right today).

For 2013, my photography resolutions are:

  1. Put more effort into getting shots straight in camera
  2. Clean kit after outdoor use (or if indoor use meant it might get mucky). Every time
  3. If you know the photo wont work, don’t snap it (I’ve gotten better at this but I still take shots that I know wont work “just to see”)

First photo for the new year 🙂

Only 354 more to go … 😉


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