In the Cold

Before kB went to uni (work) we went out for a little walk… In preparation for all the snow I knitted Danbo a little scarf last night and so Danbo accompanied us on our stroll.

Decayed Rose & Snowy Pegs

Yesterday it started to snow! Me and my mum decided to go out to hula dancing anyway and we were the only ones there! O_O It snows a little bit in the UK and everyone panics! After work I’d done an hour of pilates, hula, had tea, and washed dried and straightened my hair which didn’t leave a lot of time for a photo. The shot I had planned I simply couldn’t be bothered to set up, so will save it for another time.

Instead I dived outside for a bit of outside light lit snowy pegs. Possibly the worst shot I have taken this year, but still not *that* bad all things considered.

Today it started to snow again, but it was snowing quite a lot so I decided to stay put inside and set up a shot. I have a “at least one black and white photo a week” rule which I’m trying to stick to, so I decided that I was going to work on that today. I took a lot of shots and wasn’t happy with any of them, until for other reasons (mainly holding reasons) I decided to cut some of the roses from the half dead indoor rose bush and put them into a tumbler to hold. Then the tumbler cast a nice shadow and I knew that this would be the shot of the day – for the shadow if nothing else. I also decided to go somewhat high-key whilst I was shooting and over exposed the shot purposefully.

Snowy Sunset in Sheffield

Today it snowed. There wasn’t a snow day however 😦 but still, I always enjoy a spot of snow. Sensing that an opportunity would present itself at some point in the day for photography I took my camera to work with me and ended up stopping off at “the usual” on the way back from work, about 20 mins before sunset. This wasn’t the shot I was going for, especially since I have taken a shot like this before (except this one has added snow!) and I only took this one as a (half) joke to myself – grabbing the same shot in the same place at the same time of day but under different weather conditions. As tends to be the case with these of things I ended up liking this shot the best!

Refracted Tulips

First time I’ve tried doing this. I’m not overwhelmed with the results, but it is also the first time I’ve tried something new this year and I shouldn’t expect to get things spot on first time.

Science Time

Today I went into university with my boyfriend to do science! OK well he did science, I sat around reading a book for the most part, photographing bits of science for the other part.
Here are my favourite shots of the day…


It really doesn’t feel like a Friday to me today. For some reason it feels a bit like a Wednesday or Thursday, not that I’m complaining – the weekend is here! ^_^
Snow is forecast for the next week, and I’m trying to not get too excited about the idea of a snow day because it probably wont happen… but it’s been mentioned so the thought lingers…


Today was quite a busy day after work. I managed to do pilates, then go to the first “Hot Hula” class (basically like hula dancing!), then in the shower and wash my hair! It’s 10pm and my hair looks like a lion’s mane as I’ve yet to do anything with it… Better get on with that!

As I am prepared girl I check the weather forecast a lot. Sometimes it is right, sometimes it is not…
All week it has been saying it will be a nice day today, so I decided to take my camera to work so that if I left at the earliest possible opportunity I could go somewhere local and take sunset photos.

January Sunset


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