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Decayed Rose & Snowy Pegs

Yesterday it started to snow! Me and my mum decided to go out to hula dancing anyway and we were the only ones there! O_O It snows a little bit in the UK and everyone panics! After work I’d done an hour of pilates, hula, had tea, and washed dried and straightened my hair which didn’t leave a lot of time for a photo. The shot I had planned I simply couldn’t be bothered to set up, so will save it for another time.

Instead I dived outside for a bit of outside light lit snowy pegs. Possibly the worst shot I have taken this year, but still not *that* bad all things considered.

Today it started to snow again, but it was snowing quite a lot so I decided to stay put inside and set up a shot. I have a “at least one black and white photo a week” rule which I’m trying to stick to, so I decided that I was going to work on that today. I took a lot of shots and wasn’t happy with any of them, until for other reasons (mainly holding reasons) I decided to cut some of the roses from the half dead indoor rose bush and put them into a tumbler to hold. Then the tumbler cast a nice shadow and I knew that this would be the shot of the day – for the shadow if nothing else. I also decided to go somewhat high-key whilst I was shooting and over exposed the shot purposefully.

Snowy Sunset in Sheffield

Today it snowed. There wasn’t a snow day however 😦 but still, I always enjoy a spot of snow. Sensing that an opportunity would present itself at some point in the day for photography I took my camera to work with me and ended up stopping off at “the usual” on the way back from work, about 20 mins before sunset. This wasn’t the shot I was going for, especially since I have taken a shot like this before (except this one has added snow!) and I only took this one as a (half) joke to myself – grabbing the same shot in the same place at the same time of day but under different weather conditions. As tends to be the case with these of things I ended up liking this shot the best!


It really doesn’t feel like a Friday to me today. For some reason it feels a bit like a Wednesday or Thursday, not that I’m complaining – the weekend is here! ^_^
Snow is forecast for the next week, and I’m trying to not get too excited about the idea of a snow day because it probably wont happen… but it’s been mentioned so the thought lingers…

January Sunset

As I am prepared girl I check the weather forecast a lot. Sometimes it is right, sometimes it is not…
All week it has been saying it will be a nice day today, so I decided to take my camera to work so that if I left at the earliest possible opportunity I could go somewhere local and take sunset photos.

January Sunset