Orchid // 21 04 15111 // 365

Mum’s birthday. We went to Van Dykes for tea, and OMG yumyum. I also managed to squeeze in all of my 2 hours of exercise too! It meant the photo suffered, but hey ho!

I also found a place I want to take photos, and it’s a while since I’ve seen somewhere and felt inspired so that is good!

In isolation

In isolation // 31 07 14212 // 365

I am rather the dab hand at getting orchids to regrow and reflower. It is almost a speciality of mine. This one is the last of the cluster so I thought I’d shoot him seeing as I’ve spent all day trapped in the house waiting for a delivery, then all evening dying my hair.

Green Tea

Today the weather has been rather miserable. After a heat wave comes a storm, and we have had storms and heavy rain on and off all day. It is very humid (my decision to do pilates at 4pm was not one of my finest) however despite this I have managed to have a productive day.
I got up and sorted out some images I wanted to print out for various photo frames around the house, I cleaned the kitchen, painted my nails (rare occurrence), had a nap (regular occurrence), did pilates, then casually thought about today’s photo.
I don’t know if it’s the rain, or the fact I’ve had a little run of inspiration but I couldn’t think of anything to do. I was in effect “trapped” inside the house which might have hindered my creative juices (I get cabin fever very easily, and love love love being outside).
Tried various idea with these orchids. Felt bad for cutting them from the plant but it is on it’s way out. It’s had a good running though as my mum bought it me for my birthday way back in January and I’m hoping it will grow back (I seem to be the Queen of regrowing orchid plants).


After work I went to visit my friend who is recovering from pneumonia. She is well on the road to recovery, but not quite there yet. When I got back in I had a photo like this in mind, but then decided to divert to a different shot. The different shot didn’t work out so I went with this one. Not quite happy with it, but I’m tired and it will do.

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