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Funny how different things thrive in different situations

Flowers are a good example. My cut carnations have been in the house since last year, and still look fine. These tulips were bought on Friday and already are starting to wilt.

The joys of the season

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I spent most of the day excited by the overcast mistiness, only to be disappointed when I left work to find out that it was chucking it down with rain!
I flapped around, took four different kinds of shots and ended up with this, which ironically was the first idea I had when I realised it was raining. Lesson learnt – stick with your original idea!

I cooked toad in the hole for tea (that’s sausages in a Yorkshire Pudding) and it made it properly feel like autumn/winter. It’s a proper warm you up tea, and I think the last time I had it was just before my birthday. So weirdly eating it made me happy and a little bit excited, even though my birthday isn’t for 3 and a half months! hehe ^-^


Went out for tea after work and didn’t get in until after 9! tut tut!
Good job it’s the start of the Easter holidays ^__^

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