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Visiting Hackfall

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Yesterday we went to my mum and dad’s for tea. Whilst we were there my mum showed me this ruin in the Times supplement, which was for a place called Hackfall. It said that it was in North Yorkshire, so given that that’s not too far away I investigated on Google Maps. Google suggested it was about an hour and half drive away so mum and dad decided they would go, and naturally I tagged along.


It was very nice, and not very busy at all. So un-busy that I felt I could wip my floaty dress on and do a quick gas mask/skull photo to go in my collection for the half term project 😉



Hackfall in Autumn//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsHackfall in Autumn II//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Harewood House

Harewood House is North Yorkshire (I think), not too far off Leeds/Harrogate. It’s a massive house which was built at some point in the 18th century and is open to the public most days. Weirdly, driving into the pay station I noticed a sign which advertised flamingos and penguins… As no-one else had noticed the sign I assumed I had misread it, but no, there were flamingos and penguins! (This is a more than a bit unusual for a building like this, just in case anyone is wondering why I’ve mentioned it).

It was a lot bigger than I was expecting, with a lake and some stunning scenery to boot.

The above shot is “mums view”, as my mum decided that if she lived here she would sit on the bench where this shot was taken every day and look out at the view.

I was definitely impressed with the surrounding lands that went with the house, the weather let us down a bit though it did pick up as the day went on. The day before we went was Halloween and the staff at Harewood had decorated the lands with halloween-y things, which was nice!

All in all it was a pleasant trip out and it exceeded my expectations 🙂 Not too sure if I would make a return trip though, as it was rather expensive to get in.
Would recommend the parkin I had there. Sweet Holy Mother it was sooooo good! Seriously the best parkin I have ever had. Very gooey and moist, om nom nom.