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Sunset on the Moorlands

The weather promised me that it the clouds would go for the sunset, but an hour before the sun would dip below the horizon line, it was still pretty cloudy.

Heather I decided it was worth the risk, and the trip out, so I put some clothes back on (I’d had a shower and gotten straight into my jim jams from the Abbey walk earlier in the day) and off we went up the hill out of the valley to the car park at the top. Heather

How patiently I waited when we got to the car park at the top! I wandered around trying to find a good patch of heather, set up shop and waited. The longer I waited the more the clouds parted.

Heather Heather

Every day there has been a rainbow at around the same time (just before sunset) in the same place. How bizarre!

Heather Heather


Mallyan SpoutThere aren’t many waterfalls in the North York Moors, but I was determined to find the ones that there were. It turns out that they are quite close to each other, but it also turned out that despite the fact it has been raining, they weren’t exactly in full flow. Falling Foss


Getting to the bottom of the Falling Foss was a bit more difficult that I had imagined though, as (due to the rain) we ended up scrabbling down a muddy bank. There wasn’t a path to follow so once we had got down the bank we followed the river back up to the fall. The route back was the same, but we ended up rather muddy after the trip!


Mallyan Spout