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Dreamscape // 25 01 15

025 // 365

A very tiring day! We went to my mums for lunch, which was basically like a Christmas Dinner. She’d invited my grandparents around too, as it was a ‘birthday meal’. I ate so much lamb and stuffing that I didn’t need to have any tea, and I still feel reasonably full now! Oh my. So I had to have a nap when I got home.

Day 4: The Northern Lights (And Happy New Year!)

So finally! On the last day of our mini holiday the Northern Lights tour was on!
Odd how Tues and Wed the weather had been fine in the day but the tour was cancelled, but on Thursday when it was snowing heavily it was on. I had honestly given up on even going on the tour, so I was beyond excited when we returned to the hotel covered in snow to be greeted by the little Northern Lights plaque saying instead “Northern Lights tours are on tonight”. I was so excited I almost ran up to our room to get the booking number.

kB was down playing the whole thing as usual. I know that there isn’t a guarantee that you will see them, but I was just excited for the opportunity!

We drove there, and the tour guide was saying “Oooh look you can see them straight ahead, look for the north start” and everyone on the coach was like ‘WTF where’. When we pulled over I could see it, but it just looked like a very long curved strip of cloud… Until I photographed it!

Aurora Borealis // 01 01 15
001 // 365

So yep! ^_^ And what made it even better was that after we had been there for like 5 minutes they started to turn green to the eye. They weren’t dancing across the sky, but there was activity towards the edges and at one point there were three.

So pleased we managed to see them!
Sun voyager

Back home now though! Booo. And I need to take a picture for today!

The snow at night

The snow at night // 27 12 14

361 // 365

Last night here in Sheffield it snowed quite a bit. Naturally I decided that I wanted to go and play in it, so I waited until just after midnight (So I could use the shot for today’s photo of the day!) and went outside to the field next to my house wearing a cloak and carrying a lantern! 🙂

No idea what the lights on the horizon were, maybe they were the supermarket?


What comes next

What comes next // 23 11 14327 // 365
Inspired by my new books, and by a TesseracT video (Nocturne, see below) I have decided to embrace the night and use it in my shots. But also to take a little bit of a change of direction and go a bit more urban whilst I do so.
kB was apparently pulling faces at me whilst he was sat in the car and laughing to himself, but I couldn’t see.

View of the city

View of the city // 09 04 14
099 // 365

Sheffield at night

This evening I went to the amphitheatre in Sheffield for the sunset. It wasn’t much of a sunset if I am honest as it was very cloudy (but, hey, that’s good makes it moody) but it was pleasant enough weather wise.
It was a bit chilly, but it was nice to just sit and talk rubbish with some of the photo peeps. I think we could have done with a thermal flask and a blanket, but it was a really nice evening. It is a lovely place to just sit and look at the view 🙂

Washing away the last of summer

254 // 365
facebook page.

Seem to be rocking the square format this week, no idea why as I normally hate square format.

Anyway, this was more trouble than it was worth. It’s rained all day, I was uninspired (feeling a bit under the weather and my knees and hips are starting to hurt *woe* ), then after much trouble-shooting it looks like the transmitter from my wireless flash kit needs a new battery, by this point I had pretty much lost the will to do the shot, so used the extension cable and bedside lamp instead.
Being outside in jim jams in the wet/cold/dark whilst feeling pants is not an experience I would recommend. Next time, an OOF shot of the floor will suffice…

Sheffield v Rotherham

I hate waiting to take my photo of the day, I always think some sort of disaster will befall the idea and I’ll have to take a hasty shot to make up for it. Luckily this morning we were taking Christmas down (always a sad time) and I shot the baubles as I was packing them away so I had back up shots – I just hate it when a plan might not come together…

Luckily this time it did! ^_^ It was really rather windy though, so a lot of the shots are slightly OOF, but there are a few which were usable with this one being my favourite because of the sky.

By moonlight

Had a go at some moonlit photography tonight. We’d originally gone out for sushi for tea so neither of us were particularly dressed for being out in the cold and as such I decided to play it safe location wise (wanted to go to the countryside, went to the general cemetery which is close to the sushi place).

Not overwhelmingly happy with the shots but this was the first time I’d tried this so it’s a learning experience 🙂 Think I will be adding it to my list of things to practice next year.

Bonfire Night!

There are loads of fireworks going off outside, I’m sat in the spare room (study basically) with the lights off and blinds open all like 😀
There’s a house a couple of doors down with a fire too, outside smells like bonfire night.

We were supposed to be saving the sparklers until Monday but it had to be done, went outside for 5 mins and danced around. Wrapped up super silly warm (coat, scarf, ear muffs, gloves) because I’m already ill. Now I think a hot chocolate is in order ^_^