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Project 365 – Week 1

I’m not sure that I can quite cope with uploading a project 365 blog every day, so I’m going to go with a roundup of the week post on a Sunday.

I genuinly had no intentions of doing a Project 365(I guess 366) this year, but I kinda decided to go with it on the second (I’d already taken a picture on the first) so we will see how it goes.

The idea behind this is that I need to get used to a new camera before I go on holiday. I’m kind of all or nothing so I figured that the commitment of a Project 365 would sort me out.

Day 1 – New Years Day (01/01/2020)
We went to my mum and dad’s house for dinner, as is the tradition

New Years Day // 01 01 2020//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Day 2 – Santa’s Laundry (02/01/2020)
We packed the decorations away on this day.

Santa's Laundry // 02 01 2020//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Day 3 – New Beginnings (03/01/2020)
Not much happened on this day. We kinda used it to get ready for going back to work on the Monday. Buying food in, meal prepping, doing the washing etc. Exciting times.

New Beginnings // 03 01 2020//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Day 4 – Nice Warm Cuppa (04/01/2020)
This was a reminder of why I’m doing this project. Oddly putting an external flash gun on the horse shoe did not result in the camera automatically syncing. This turned into an internet search which lasted a good 30 mins before I managed to figure it out.
I wasn’t that happy with the result, but I figured at least I’d managed to get the flash fun working…

Nice Warm Cuppa // 04/01/2020//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Day 5 – Flasks and stars
Back to work tomorrow 😦

Flasks and Stars // 05/01/2020//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Out with the Drone

Most of Xmas we have been ill.

Towards the Light   I was ill for 2 weeks before Xmas and I though “A-ha! For indeed I will be OK at XMas now.” And how wrong I was. Isolation

As a result of this my plan to go out with the drone every day hasn’t really panned out. Ive managed 4 times in just over a week, but to be fair the weather hasn’t been that great either.
Happy New Year What I have learnt is that the drone is better in wind than I thought it would be, and that I need to be more committed to panning and movement shots. I’m too focused on composition and so my footage is jerky whilst I try to correct it. I’m learning that in video this isn’t quite as big of a deal as with still images. It’s a learning curve. Happy New Year


As the weather forecast looked for the morning I decided to get up early and go for a little walk. This was taken where I normally go to take photos when I can’t be bothered to travel too far but want to be outside, except this time I went a different route and found some nice potential spots for future photos (weather/lighting conditions weren’t right today).

For 2013, my photography resolutions are:

  1. Put more effort into getting shots straight in camera
  2. Clean kit after outdoor use (or if indoor use meant it might get mucky). Every time
  3. If you know the photo wont work, don’t snap it (I’ve gotten better at this but I still take shots that I know wont work “just to see”)

First photo for the new year 🙂

Only 354 more to go … 😉


Project 365 2013

Is anyone else out there (“hellooooooooo”) thinking of taking, or continuing, a project 365 for 2013?

As we are getting closer to the new year it’s time to consider if to continue the project into the new year – at the moment I’m a definite yes on this!

I’m actually really looking forward to it, and I’ve been considering what I want to improve upon for next year (photography wise). I want to try and not get any “write off” months (months where the majority of the photos are pants), which I know is a big ask of myself. The odd off days are more than acceptable however.

What I really want to focus on trying is new things – experimentation! And also black and white. I’m going to set myself the target of at least one photo a month having me in it (not just a typical at arms length / in the mirror shot) and at least one having me and my boyfriend in it. I think I will also revisit some of the shots I’ve taken over the last two years and try to improve them, seeing as now I am better than I was : )

I’ve created a group on Flickr for support throughout the duration, as Project 365’s can be quite demanding!
In order to prepare myself for the new year I’ve written a big list of places to visit and things to photograph.

I think the thing I am looking forward to most of all is (hopefully!) continuing to see me improve at taking photos – 2011 was the year with my first SLR and that was the year of the technical side of it all, 2012 was the year of getting focus bob on and composition, what will 2013 bring?! ^_^