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Carpet of Mushrooms

Carpet of Mushrooms // 08 01 2022

Today it was chucking it down with rain when I woke up. I decided to be productive and clean up my office. When the rain stopped I figured it was time to go out and take some photos. I put my wellies on and went to the fields near my house. On my way there there is a wooded area, and I know there had been some mushrooms there from a walk I went on over Christmas. Whilst on the lookout for the mushrooms I had seen previously, I realised that the entire floor was covered in one section with mushrooms.

I’ve decided to use my lens converter to use some of the lenses I had for my old system (Pentax) on my Fuji XT3. Todays image was shot with the 30mm f1.4. When I found the mushrooms I initially struggled to shoot them; cursing myself for leaving my macro and zoom lenses at home; as either of these would have been much better. But we can only work with what we have!

Signs of autumn


267 // 365
My Internet connection is being so slow that I’ve had to upload and share this via my phone, which I’m none to happy about because it is fiddly.
Another bad knee day so I decided to go for a walk aftafter work as sometimes a gentle stroll helps. Almost time for the bake off now though 😀

Little Mushroom

Little Mushroom011 // 365
Strange how when you have all the time in the world, inspiration doesn’t strike; but when you have a million things to do, the ideas keep coming.

I find it odd how when it comes to the weekend I am rarely motivated to do big shots, but when I get in from work I am! You would think it would be the other way around : )
The mind works in mysterious ways and all that ; )


Mushrooms! // 20 09 13 by Manadh
Mushrooms! // 20 09 13, a photo by Manadh on Flickr.

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There are not enough works to fully express how much I love the season autumn (fall). I love the changing colours, nature, the early evenings (admittingly not too early…).
This year however, autumn has started off cold and for me this means worsened pain in my knee joints. I’ve been so tired too, last night for exam I wanted to go to bed at 730. I managed to hold out until 830, then decided it was indeed bed time.

I have decided to be as pro active as possible about it; keep warm, stock up on tablets and keep on doing my exercises. It is difficult to make yourself do exercise when your joints hurt though!