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Desolation of Winter

Desolation of Winter // 05 01 16

This is the second in my series to work on this year. It was originally supposed to be a full portrait, but it lacked the intensity I wanted. If I’m going to be honest my face isn’t too good for moody close ups, and let’s face it I’m no model! haha, but I quite like this closer crop.
It does kind of mess with my original plan that all photos in this series should be the same dimensions, but I suppose that would be quite limiting anyway, and I should really go with what looks and feel right.

I had no intentions to shoot this today, but I got my sketch book out and realised in terms of the story it makes more sense to have it second than third. Originally I had planned to wait until the weekend, but as it had been raining and there is loads of space in the living room as the side board is still behind the settee from Christmas I decided to shoot today as I was planning on washing in my hair anyway.

After tea I donned the dress I’m wearing for the first part of the series and went out into my garden to collect mud, leaves and twigs. I mixed the mud (From one of my plant pots) with some tap water to get the right consistency, and I dried the leaves off with a hair dryer. I then pinned various foliage in my hair, and rubbed some of the mud on my face, neck and hair. I was hoping that by the time I’d set up the camera and tripod the mud would be a bit more dry (Luckily it was!)

Getting my eyes in focus is always tricky when I’m doing close ups like this, but I managed to get them in focus in most of the shots. Ironic that this was one of the few times where I managed to get my eyes in perfect focus and then ended up cropping them out anyway.

None the less this is shot number 2 of my ‘In Isolation’ series done. I have technically taken and edited shot 3, but I’m not 100% sure on it, and I think I am going to try to reshoot it at the weekend. I don’t dislike the image that I have created, I’m just not sure the body language is quite right in it. I might be over thinking it though, as when I opened it up tonight I instantly thought it worked as a follow on picture. It’s not like there is a rush though, so I think that I am going to reshoot and see which I prefer. I’m not used to this kind of luxury in my photography!



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Ever year for as long as I have worked there I have driven past this massive horse chestnut tree at the side of the road.
When ever I see something like this I always end up talking myself out of doing it. Today, none of this talking myself out of it crap. I was pulling over into the pub car park and picking the cr*p out of those horse chestnuts.
I have a right haul and I didn’t even take that many in comparison to how many were there! I had a little bag at hand, and was over joyed at the sheer number on the floor, as well as some which were still in cases/half in cases.
Looking forward to shooting with them, they are so shiny!!



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Today I paraded around Moor Valley and the Owlthorpe Grasslands Grazing Project (Sheffield, UK) with a chair. As usual I was dressed for the shot, not for the weather adding into this the fact I’m becoming increasingly lazy with boots (I ♥ Dr Martens but they require socks) so I was technically wearing slippers …

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Said slippers are now outside in a vain attempt to air them off. I should start to dress my feet more appropriately, and take out a small towel at all times. In the past I always had a small hand towel in my camera bag, but since I’ve started parading around bare foot for some reason I seem to be less bothered about insistently packing it. Go figure!

To make matters that little bit worse, it has rained quite heavily over the last couple of days, and as much as I anticipated the grass being wet for some reason it didn’t factor into my head that therefore the MUD would be wet. The very same mud I was planning on walking on bare foot and then sitting on. In my brand new dress.

After deciding on the further away of the two fields (which actually turned out to be a good move as this gate wasn’t locked!) I set up shot. It surprised me how easy it was to get the shot, but upon reflection in the car on the way home I knew it was because of the chair providing me with a focal point when setting up the framing.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Now I am home, I took off everything which is muddy and I’ve been working on my website a bit. It is well overdue an update, but I decided I was fed up with the banner at the top so I’ve mainly worked on that so far.
The image gallery drastically needs sorting out, but that’s a bigger job so I shall probably make a start on that tomorrow.

Cradling the future

262 // Cradling the future by Manadh
262 // Cradling the future, a photo by Manadh on Flickr.

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I want to give my hand shots a series title but I can’t think of a name for them.
I’m so tired, I went to bed at 830 last night and could have slept on if my alarm hadn’t woken me up! I think it’s the six week holidays catching up with me as well as the fact it is so dark so early now. It’s even pretty dark when I get up in a morning now.
As much as I do love autumn, I don’t like how dark it gets!