Slovenia; Day 4 – Savica Waterfall and Pec

Stara Fužina

I the spirit of using the free Bohinj card as much as possible, we went on the bus to the waterfall at the other side of the lake.

Waterfall Savica

The waterfall was so powerful from the previous days rain that it was nigh on impossible to take a photo of it. It was funny because we got soaked trying!

View from Peč

We had an early tea and then hiked to Pec viewpoint for the sunset.

Austria; Drone footage

In Austria the drone laws are pretty strict; a drone is considered a toy if it produces less that 79 Joules of energy, and as such it doesn’t require a license. So I opted to take the Spark with me, as I would legally be able to fly it without paying for a license.

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