Life is a blur // 31 03 14
090 // 365

Busy busy busy today!
Went straight from work to hang my frames for the exhibition I’m in in Sheffield. I was there for a good two hours helping with the hanging in general.
I gave myself a massive headache about half way though spinning around to get this shot; then felt sick and ill for the rest of the time I was there. Feel OK now after I’ve had a a sit down and some tea though ^-^

Saturday Morning Stroll

Krys is really rubbish at getting up in the morning and so he decided (rather boringly) to spend most of his Amazon gift voucher money on one of those alarm clocks which wakes you up by pretending to be the sun. As predicted it woke me up before it woke him up, however it seemed to work so that’s a positive. We planned to get up early anyway and go to Rivelin Valley so off we went 🙂



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