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Misty Mornings

Misty Mornings // 15 01 2022

In the dark winter months I struggle to wake up, as I’m sure many other do. When it’s spring/summer/autumn I tend to wake up naturally around 7:30-8, but in winter I’m pushing for a 9am wake up. I’m going to assume that it’s to do with the lack of light – sunrise this morning was at 8:15am.

After two failed wind turbine photoshoots I decided that I wanted to get up and go shoot this morning. The weather forecast looked OK for the morning. It changed from clear, to misty, to cloudy in the days before, and as I went to bed last night it said it was going to be cloudy.

Knowing that the forecast isn’t always right (whilst praying for mist or intermittent clouds) I decided to set my alarm and get out there.
I was rewarded hen I woke up with a nice misty view out of the window. I hastily got dressed (red dress tucked into gym leggings, with wellies on the bottom is a killer combo) and headed out.

Misty Mornings

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten up and gone for a sunrise photo – Covid put a stop to most holidays! What I wasn’t anticipating was how many dog walkers there would be. Silly of me really, and I got a few funny looks prancing around in a bright red dress bare foot whilst there was frost on the floor.


None the less it was a morning well spent I think!

Grass : )

Slovenia; Day 5 – Julian Alps

Julian Alps

Today we went on another trip around the Julian Alps. The weather was loads better and the views were great.

Julian Alps

Given that we were getting up earlist anyway, I made the effort to get up a little bit earlier for sunrise and go down to the lake.

At the Pier

I had hoped for a sunrise, but mist will have to do! There was no one else around so it was very peaceful.

Lake Bohinj

I got my flip flops and went it – the lake was warmer than I expected so it was actually quite pleasant.

Misty Mornings

After I went back somewhat soggy to the hotel, got changed and we went to breakfast.

Julian Alps

Coming undone

Coming undone // 24 04 15

114 // 365

After my dry spell of literally no motivation or ideas, I felt motivated yesterday and this morning to shoot something a bit more conceptual. I had no clear idea on either day what I wanted to do exactly, but I picked up some props and went out with my (more or less traditional) 10 minutes before work. I went to the same place both days, it is on the way to work; I just have to pull over hop out of the car, walk about 30 steps and I have fields, bushes and trees – whichever I want!

Yesterday I was behind some bushes (that sounds a bit dodgy : P ), and today my camera was just in front of the bushes, so I was quite literally 10 steps away from where I was the day before.

I had no idea where I was going with this, but I’d half edited it on break/lunch and I knew that I wasn’t 100% happy with it when I left work. I did have a back up shot that I am more than happy with though so I wasn’t too worried. Another thing which was somewhat out of the ordinary was that it was sunny when I went out, and I knew it would remain sunny. For shots like this I almost never shoot when the sun is out (save sunset/sunrise) but I thought I’d try it to see what would happen.

Then, as we were watching Masterchef suddenly loads of ideas started coming to me. No idea where from, as Masterchef doesn’t exactly scream creative art just fancy plate arrangements, but I’m not complaining! ^_^ I originally had this idea for another shot, but as soon as I got upstairs and flipped it upside down I knew this was something which would work with it – the blank over exposed sky was just screaming for some dust : P