Monsal Dale (and Trail)

Headstone Viaduct, Monsal Trail Today we decided to go for a walk in the Peak District. Monsal Trail is somewhere I have been before, but I’ve never seen the viaduct from the hilltop, only walked over it. View into the Valley

We set off early (because in the UK the clocks went back last night, meaning that when we got up at 8 our bodies thought it was 9) and when we got there there was plenty of parking.

View into the Valley We were following a route from the Walking Englishman, but skipped bits of it because we didn’t have a lot of change for parking! haha View into the Valley

It was miserable all day. I did wonder if the mist would burn off and the clouds might get more interesting, but no. It stayed grey and misty all day.

Headstone Viaduct, Monsal Trail

The great bleak nothingness

The great bleak nothingness //  24 07 15 205 // 365

We went up the side of a mountain to see the sunset. Only when we got here it was really really really misty. I must have been the only person on the tour who was excited about this. I requested the brown blanket (the others were sunset coloured or had stars on them) and went off to one side to shoot this.
Shame we didn’t see the sunset, because you can’t actually see it from where we are staying anyway (it sets over the mainland, and it’s very hilly) but one must make the most of a bad situation!

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