Austria; Day 5 – Wolfsklamm

Wolfsklamm, Austria

The rain had stopped – hurray! And we went to a gorge. I do love a good gorge.

Wolfsklamm, Austria

It was a nice walk up the gorge with some waterfalls along the way.

Wolfsklamm, Austria

Once at the top we went up to the monastery and had a currywurst.

Wolfsklamm, Austria

It was an Austrian bank holiday, so it was perhaps busier than usual for a Thursday in May, but still it wan’t that busy at all.

Wolfsklamm, Austria
Wolfsklamm, Austria
Wolfsklamm, Austria
Wolfsklamm, Austria
Wolfsklamm, Austria
Wolfsklamm, Austria

Austria; Day 3 and 4 – Rain!

Alpbach, Austria

We woke up to a bit of rain on the morning of day 3. kB decided that he was going to go to the gym, I decided to go out in the rain for a little walk around Alpbach.

Alpbach, Austria

I walked down to the river, through the woodlands and looped back around to the hotel. I stopped off behind the hotel and took some more shots there as well.

Alpbach, Austria

The thing I am enjoying the most (Other than the views) is how quiet it is!

Alpbach, Austria
Alpbach, Austria
Alpbach, Austria
Alpbach, Austria

On day 4 it was “proper rain” we stopped in the hotel and did a spa day kinda thing with the gym, pool and steam rooms!

How to survive … May

May is month five, meaning you are pretty much half way there! Hurray!
By now you should have hopefully gotten into the habit of taking a photo each day.

Drifting Away // 22 05 13

Positives of May

  • Good weather – the weather is better, and somewhat more consistent. Use it to your advantage and go shooting outside.
  • It’s brighter – even if it’s not swealteringly hot, it’s brighter for longer. Meaning it’s less hassle to shoot, even inside. Natural light is your friend.

Negatives of May

  • Project 365 routine takes it’s toll – taking a photo every day, and the responsibilities which come with it can get a bit …boring.
  • Other people will have lost interest – it really does become a battle with your own will power at this point. “Oh your still taking a photo every day” becomes peoples response rather than a genuine interest in it. The novelty has worn off for them too!

Stationary // 08 05 13

How to survive …May

  • Mix up your routine – work taking a photo into your routine. Go out at lunch or break. Get up early to go out before work. Try to mix it up simply by taking a photo at a different point of the day.
  • Get quicker – people get fed up of waiting for the photographer. Challenge yourself to get quicker at shooting so people don’t get bored of waiting. I remember once going for a walk with my parents. I told them I’d be 5 minutes and I’d catch up with them. Luckily for me they decided to wait. Turns out I was 30 minutes and I’d not even realised I was so long!
  • Revisit old shots – look at shots from the start of the year. Look at shots from before this year. Revisit them and rework them in some way. Don’t try to take the exact same shot again, but change it up.
  • Rope friends and family in for a portrait – practice a technique and spend quality time with a loved one. Win win. Plus natural lighting makes this so much easier to set up (no fiddling with lights)
  • Document the fun – chances are you will be out of the house more, with people, and you might even be having fun. Maybe you’ve had a few beers at a BBQ. Document it. It will be a fond memory to look back on.

May 2014
05-2014May 2013
Staring at the sun // 26 05 13

May 2012
Dandelion // 23 05 12

May 2011
Sunset over the Fields of Sunshine (136 // 02 05 11)

May 2010
142 // 365

Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

(& my mums garden!)
fb page.

Today has been lovely. Warm, sunny, blue skies!
I have lazed in the garden, been out for sushi and then had a little stroll around the botanical gardens in town before then walking to M&S and buying some wasabi peas.
When I got to the botanical gardens I switched my camera on and got a “Battery Depleted” message. Grrrr! Managed about 4 shots (turned it off and on again and it worked even though the battery light was on red!) before calling it quits. I normally have about 2 spare sets on me, but noooooo not today booo : (
Tomorrow, we shall have a BBQ then kB shall watch the grand prix whilst I go out to take photos.

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