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Purple Smoke

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Another shot where I’ve left it a bit late.
After coating myself in bug repellent, and loading myself up on antihistamines, I ventured out into the garden to mow the lawn. Managed to not get bitten so that is good *thumbs up*. I then slept for about 4 hours in the afternoon as my hip had been playing up and well I was just tired. Woke up just in time to start cooking tea; did level 3 of the Shred, ate tea, did 30 mins on the exercise bike. Realised it was 930pm and I’d not taken a picture.
Still really tired despite the nap!

When questions need answering // 23 12 13

When questions need answering // 23 12 13

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I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve tomorrow.
As is mine and kB’s tradition we shall have special sausage sandwiches (This year we have reindeer sausages!! So I apologise if Santa doesn’t make it, I have eaten Rudolph…) and then as is family tradition we shall go to the cinema.
This year we shall see The Hobbit part 2.
Then all back to mine and kB’s for pizza and snacks and beer… and then get too excited to go to sleep because PRESENTS.