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Digging out to flash gun and shooting a close up leaf – something that I’ve not done for a while now. Quite a simple shot as Tuesday is Great British Bake Off night : D

My shot from Sunday is on the Flickr homepage as it was the top part of Explore ^-^

(yet more) Autumn! yey!

(yet more) autumn! yey!

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I just cannot get enough of this autumny goodness.
As much as today was … I guess fair is a word I could use to describe it; today the weather was nice and sunny. Clear blue skies, warm! Lovely!
I set off out just before lunch to go to my favourite woods, but there was no where to park so I turned back with the intention of going back just before tea. I did think to myself as I was driving out the first time that the light was a bit, well, bright. So it worked out for the best as when I got there a bit later on I managed to snap these : )