Beware! Flying saucers!

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Lazy Friday night shot. I had planned an epic levitation but then when it came round to it I was too cold, felt a bit ill and generally could not be bothered.

320 // 365 – Beware! Flying Saucers!

Another lateish shot; due to being busy in the morning then having a massive nap in the afternoon :’ )
I do love  good nap.



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This is my friend from work ^-^ and person four out of five. I’m not really a people person so I’m ready for a break from having to talk to people! The last person of the five is next week, but I’m also photographing another friend and going wire wool spinning with some photographer friends, so it’s still pretty busy.

Looking forward to tomorrows shot as it is just me and Krys going out and I’ve bought some props for it and am borrowing another from my parents (assuming my dad remembers to drop it off tomorrow morning!)


This afternoon I am off out to a collaboration event with photographers and models. A wee bit nervous about it, so yesterday I was all like “You sit there and I’ll photo you and practice!!!!!”

I am really shy; and my biggest worry is about going there and not making the most out of it because I’m too scared to say anything and then coming home annoyed with myself because I missed the opportunity.
I’m going down an hour or so early to acclimatise myself to the situation and then I have a good 4 or so hours between lighting sessions to make the most of it :-B

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