Spring is springing

We’ve been trying to get out for weeks and go for a walk, but the weather has either not been right, or we’ve had something on.

So this makes this little snowdrop the first official photo of 2019!

Spring is springing

Down in the garden

Just an average flower shot. Not really in the mood today if I am going to be honest. But there we go.
I like the tones on this one though.


I wanted to get out of the habit of photographing Christmas decorations – at least for one day!
Only one more get up at work and it is a half day. The weather forcaste looks OK so I think I might stop off somewhere on the way back from work ^_^

Today I used the iPad as a back lighting device (again – I really need to make that back lighting box!) and went for a kiwi. Much happier with this than the pomegranate I did earlier in the month.

Turned to ash

I’m normally quite a chipper person, but today I had a real low. It came on for on reason really – I’d been quite happy in the morning (I’d had a dream about Christmas). But by dinner time I couldn’t even pretend to be happy. No idea where it came from, but it seems to be going – hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.

I really need some inspiration for what to photograph around the house now the days are shorter. Back lighting things and macro shots are starting to become the norm…

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