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Today I decided (probably against my better judgement) to drive to the place in the shots, and wander around. My legs have been bad since Saturday, but I was determined not to waste today (“day off”).
I was suprised how easy it was to get to, plenty of space to park, easy to walk to and get into!
On the way back I managed to grab 10 or so textures too – a grand day all round. So much so that I had trouble deciding which shot to use as “Photo of the Day” … so I did the unheard of and uploaded 3!

As well as being undecided, I felt that the three shots actually worked together to tell a story; the first one is where all is fine (as fine can be when you are lost at dusk!), there is a sense of urgancy about one, then a sense of defeat




So this photo sums up how I’m feeling at the moment. Supposed to be a grown up but feeling a bit lost like I want to tuck up in bed and cuddle my toys and hide from the world.

Not upset really, just lost. Unsure of what is coming and what to expect.

And here are some out takes….

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