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Chester Zoo

Cheekie Chappie // 23 01 16
Yesterday me, kB and my mum and dad went to Chester Zoo. It was my 30th birthday and I like going places for my birthday rather than parties.
For my main present people have clubbed together and me and kB are driving to the Isle of Skye, so people have paid for hotels and meals and whatever 🙂
Because we are going to Skye, and so I’ll be seeing lots of waterfalls and mountains and castles, I decided I’d rather go to the zoo for my birthday than the traditional historic place.
It was a nice day out. We got there just after it opened and I took loads of pictures.
The red pandas are by far my favourite!


Red Panda


Visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Tiger313 // 365

Today I woke up and rather spontaneously decided I wanted to go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I’d planned on going in half term and kind of forgotten about it since then, but this morning I woke up, saw it was sunny and just though “ah ha! I shall go today”.

I’ve only ever been once before despite it being only 30 mins away, but the tigers and leopards weren’t out the last time we went – everyone was out today 🙂

Lazy Days // 09 11 14