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The ghost of Christmas past

The ghost of Christmas past // 13 12 14367 // 365
Today we played Santa for most of the day. Wrapping presents in the morning then dropping them off in the afternoon. This little guy is probably my favourite Christmas decoration without him actually being mine. He lives with kB’s mum and dad, and I thought he deserved to be the star of his own shot today, even if this shot is a bit similar to yesterdays.

Christmas in the City Center

Went into town (that’s Sheffield for me!) twice today. Once at sunset (wherein I met Krys then we went to his grandma/grandad’s to drop presents off), and then once again on the way back home to meet up with the photography group for an hour to photograph the lights of the city.

Tee heee heeeee, this sign made us laugh!

Help! I’m all tangled up

I ended up going to my friends house straight from work and not getting home until after 7pm! Eeek!

That didn’t leave much time for photos, so I went for two classics combined: Danbo and bokeh lights.

Wanted the lights to be nice and big, so ended up stopping to f/1.4 which makes for a rather narrow DoF…