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The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield // 08 02 15039 // 365

This morning I went to the Botanical Gardens with some photo peeps and went squirrel hunting. Which, I think it is fair to say, was more difficult than we thought it would be…. 😛
Some lovely light about, which I suppose is one of the benefits of winter! And the temperature was in double figures! woop!

A nice morning, even if we did have to wait half an hour for a pot of tea!!

All the brightest ideas

All the brightest ideas // 20 10 14

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The last week of a half term is always nice. There is that feeling of ‘aaah not long to go’ so in a way you perk back up a bit. The second and third last weeks before a half term are always the worst because you know you still have quite a way to go.

This week I am mainly marking like a mad woman so that I can have the next week totally off from work, and driving to Leeds for a training course on Thursday. Oh how exciting 😉

When questions need answering // 23 12 13

When questions need answering // 23 12 13

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I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve tomorrow.
As is mine and kB’s tradition we shall have special sausage sandwiches (This year we have reindeer sausages!! So I apologise if Santa doesn’t make it, I have eaten Rudolph…) and then as is family tradition we shall go to the cinema.
This year we shall see The Hobbit part 2.
Then all back to mine and kB’s for pizza and snacks and beer… and then get too excited to go to sleep because PRESENTS.

(yet more) Autumn! yey!

(yet more) autumn! yey!

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I just cannot get enough of this autumny goodness.
As much as today was … I guess fair is a word I could use to describe it; today the weather was nice and sunny. Clear blue skies, warm! Lovely!
I set off out just before lunch to go to my favourite woods, but there was no where to park so I turned back with the intention of going back just before tea. I did think to myself as I was driving out the first time that the light was a bit, well, bright. So it worked out for the best as when I got there a bit later on I managed to snap these : )


Follow the light

Follow the light

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Sometimes it is nice to just do something totally different. A lot of my photos are quite dark and so I thought I would try to create something a bit lighter.
This month whilst I am off work I thought I would try to do some different things, and I have been experimenting a lot more. It is so much easier to dedicate the time to ideas and post processing when there is nothing else to do!