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So, this Christmas holidays are here! No more work for two whole weeks! woop woop!
Today I went to visit my grandad who has been poorly but is now out of hospital. I had decided I was shooting this shot, but I didn’t anticipate my grandma having a much better teapot that I had brought with me, so I abandoned mine and went with hers.
On the way home there was a glorious sunset but I was driving and the view in front of the sunset wasn’t inspiring so I didn’t snap it. It has made me want to try for sunsets whilst I am off though! ^_^


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Can’t believe there are only 25 days left this year!
still poorly, but I decided to sneak into kB’s new practice room and take a shot whilst it was empty this morning. It was a lot more work that I thought it would be and I’m not 100% happy with it, but I’m still ill and I need a nap because it is works night out tonight!

Collecting thoughts

Collecting thoughts // 30 10 14
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Today has been a bit of a lazy day. I nipped out and shot this, then went to go out and shoot the Henderson’s Relish factory, and after tea I’m going out to see my friends band. Busy busy! Not too sure if I will take my camera or not, but I think I might as I’ve not tested out my new lens in low light situations yet.

Not 100% happy with how the balls (hurr hurr) look on today’s shot, but I don’t think there is anything I can do about them. Of course I am open to suggestions about what to do with them; so long as it won’t involve starting again.

In that regard a 365 is a bit of a curse; shoot, edit, upload all on the same day, then if I’m not happy with it it’s a bit like ‘tough upload it anyway and move on’ instead of leaving it and going back to it.


Ensnared // 28 10 14

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I had a lovely day planned; visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the morning, hair dyed in the afternoon… Which all fell through when I realised I had to wait in the house all afternoon (12 – 4) because a man was coming for the annual boiler service! So not only did I have to cancel all of my plans – I had to wait in the house for 4 hours with no working internet! :-O

I get a bit cabin feverish when I feel like I can’t leave, and today I was like a caged animal. It would have been better had I been able to take a photo in the morning, but with the promise of it clouding over (it was sunny in the morning) I knew I wanted to try and hold out to get to the woods and shoot a shot I’ve had in mind for months now. Besides, maybe the boiler man would come at 12…

I did the food shopping in the morning and then kind of paced around in the house until 3 when the boiler man arrived. By this time the weather forecast had changed to heavy rain at 4; so I was trying to mentally persuade him to hurry up. At 330 he was gone so I grabbed my pre-packed bag and tripod and drove to the woods at the bottom of the road. Drove. Somewhere which would have taken me about 5 minutes to walk. Lazy? Maybe, but it most certainly did look like rain.

At the woods I set up, giggling at how daft it all was and what on earth would I say if someone came across me, snapped the shots and at what I presume was exactly 4pm…. It started to rain. I quickly dragged down the rest of the props, packed up and dashed back to my car (wherein it is was 4:05).

So in the end, I got what I wanted once I knew I wasn’t going to see animals and dye my hair, but I feel like I’ve done nothing all day.

Plus I’ve had a headache all day 😦

How to… Levitation photography

Sadly most people can’t actually float, but with the magic of Photoshop we can pretend that we can! Levitation photography has become more popular over the past few years and it is quite easy to do.

Of an investigatory nature // 08 03 14

Before you start.

  • Focus on your subject, then lock the focus. I shoot myself so I have to go back and fro a couple of times before I lock the focus, but as soon as you have shot the subject, turn you auto focus to manual.
  • Use a tripod. Make sure that the distance and height doesn’t change as you will be taking two shots, one with the subject in and one without.
  • Se your white balance. You don’t want the while balance to change between the two shots so take it out of auto.
  • Safety first. Make sure that your model is comfortable, and make sure that you don’t make them hold an uncomfortable pose for too long.
  • Collect sturdy objects. Chairs, ladders etc, something that your model can lay across. You will need to rub them out during post processing so the more discreet they are the easier that will be.

Onwards and upwards // 14 09 141. Set up the scene.
Put the objects where you want the model to be floating, and then set your camera up on the tripod. Before you introduce your model into the scene take some test shots to make sure your white balance and other settings are correct.

2. Position the model.
Make your model lay across the objects and focus on them. Try a few different positions.

IMGP5040_August 07, 20133. Remove all objects and shoot a blank background.
Before you hit the shutter make sure that the auto focus is set to manual. Remove all objects from the scene and shoot a background with nothing in the foreground.

4. Add both image in Photoshop in different layers.
Put the blank background underneath the one with your model on. Then quite simply rub out the objects the model is resting on; because the layer underneath is the same image without the model/objects it will all look like it is one shot. Either use the eraser or use a layer mask if that option is available to you. Zoom in to make sure that you get clean lines.

layer mask

The above shows a layer mask rubbing out the step ladders.
Using a layer mask is a must if you have the option as it is non destructive; if you’re not sure about layers or layer masks then have a look here at the Adobe help site! 🙂

Summoning // 07 08 13

The Comfort of Home

The comfort of home // 02 10 14275 // 365

Today I have another stupid headache. After work I had to drive to pick some things up from the shops, and I just wanted to be home curled up under a blanket on the settee with a cup of tea.

Instead of spending my evening like this I am going to attempt to go swimming instead. Because that’s the most sensible thing to do when you have a headache…

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and upwards // 14 09 14

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Today has been a busy day. My hips have been pretty bad, and it hurt to walk around WIckes (DIY shop). Despite this I’ve helped kB paint the edging border for the garden. Then he painted the decking so we are in effect ‘painted in’ as we can’t leave the house until it has dried.

This is not perfect, but I’ve run out of time on it so it is what it is.