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Red Tree

Red Tree // 30 01 2022

I went out thie morning to fly my drone, but we were on a bit of a tight schedule and it wasn’t the best location for the drone. Luckily I had taken my camera with “whatever lens was on it”. It turned out that lens was the 70-300, which in reality isn’t a lens I’m used to using for this type of shot. But I moved around a bit, waiting for the sun to come up over the hill and managed to grab this.

This tree stuck out because it still had loads of red leaves still attached to it; which was impressive given the storm we’ve had this weekend!



054 // 365

For a long time I’ve been collecting and banking textures; then I started doing the same with clouds… Now I’ve started doing the same with backgrounds.
I have been doing a photo a day project for 4 years now (although we’re not that far into year four!) and this project is difficult enough to do in the first place; doubly so during the winter months when the weather is bad; triply so when this is your fourth year of doing so.
At this time of year I always feel that my shots become a bit samey. Roll on better weather!

When leaves fall

When leaves fall

286 // 365
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Tomorrow is my grandmas birthday, so we went to my mums for dinner. These delicious red leaves had grown through the fence from next door and I decided to brave the rain and go out and pick some!
The weather forecast it looking rather glum for the next few weeks – it rained all yesterday and a massive chunk of today (though annoyingly it cleared just before sunset). I hate being stuck inside : (

Yesterday’s photo involved the horse chestnuts I pulled over and collected on Friday. Going to have to play conkers with them soon ^_^