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Tulip // 14 04 2022

Tulip // 14 04 2022

Another afternoon spent in the garden. I’ve managed to get the juniper bush fully out, trimmed the bottom off the red robin bush (it kind of looks like a mushroom now, but it lets the light get underneath it).

I’ve moved another plant, and raked over a section. Not sure what I plan on planting in the psace I’ve made.

I did have a sneaky look under the covering where the mint was…. and around the edges there is some mint growing. Like how? There is no light!!! Grrrr

Sunday is Bee Day // 10 04 2022

Bee! // 10 04 2022

Over the hill from where I live, there is a beekeeper. My mum says that they have recently built some more hives to expand their bee empire.
Today, I went out into the garden and the heather (I have 2x one is pink and the other is white) were so full of little bees!

Project 365 - 10 April 2022-2

They’re so quick, which makes them difficult to photograph!

(another) Little Bee!