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Of Smoke in the night

Of smoke in the night
Long time no update!
My last laptop was running slowly, which made editing images a slow, slow process. By the time I’d uploaded them I couldn’t be bothered to post about it.

Anyway, I’ve got a new laptop (mmm speedy) and have started to take some photos again.
Of smoke in the night
Of smoke in the night
Of smoke in the night

The Descent & The Other Side

The Descent

This was the image that I thought wasn’t going to work out. It was rather difficult to know where to stand so that the camera focused on my head. I then had to move to get the motion whilst trying to end up with my head in the same spot so that it remained in focus.

I had two other shots to fall back on if it didn’t work, but then, when I looked at the on the PC and started to edit them I rather liked this one. The shot that I took that I thought would be “the one” was the one I liked the least.

Strange how these things work out!

The other side

Sunset over fields of sunshine

Sunset over Fields of Sunshine

This is a couple of weeks old now. For some reason I forgot to post it on here. I think it’s the lack of routine with not posting every day that does it!

It’s half term now though so I’m going to try and shoot every day if I can. I’ve done today’s photos, and I’ll post them tomorrow.


Since then I’ve been on the Featured thingy on WordPress, so gained a few new followers (hello!) and loads of comments and likes on the post about Holland. Kind of wish I’d put more effort into the actual blogging side of it, but then again this isn’t about me writing epic tales, it’s about photos. So. Whatever.


The Watcher

The Watcher // 28 09 15//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

271 // 365

Last night I went to see Enslaved in Manchester. The gig didn’t end until 11 (on a Sunday!) so we didn’t get home until after midnight. I set my tripod/camera up and put my alarm on for the moon. I managed to shoot the eclipsing moon, but was disappointed with the blood moon. I guess from this we can learn that trying to shoot the moon after a couple of intermittent hours sleep when you have to be up for work in the morning does not lead to successful results!

Anyway I have functioned quite well on 3 and a half hours sleep today. An early night is in order though I think.

The snow at night

The snow at night // 27 12 14

361 // 365

Last night here in Sheffield it snowed quite a bit. Naturally I decided that I wanted to go and play in it, so I waited until just after midnight (So I could use the shot for today’s photo of the day!) and went outside to the field next to my house wearing a cloak and carrying a lantern! 🙂

No idea what the lights on the horizon were, maybe they were the supermarket?


Lost in the Darkness


269 // 365

Our Internet connection is being total pants again. Timehop told me that this time last year I was moaning about the Internet which is a strange coincidence!
None the less it is Friday and the weekend and I am looking forward to lie in.

Today’s shot didn’t really end up anything like what I was aiming for but it’s different to what I’ve been doing lately and I feel like I’ve become stuck in a bit of a rut.