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Norway photos part 2

The (possibly) last batch of the photos from Norway. The further away the holiday gets, the more I forget how impossibly expensive it was; and how impossibly beautiful it all was.

Norway 2016
Waterfall at Hellesylt



Norway 2016
The Seven Sisters
Norway 2016
Norway 2016
On the road to Trollstigen
Norway 2016
At Godya
Norway 2016
Near Trollstigen
Norway 2016
View from Godya

Day 6 – Geiranger

Today was my turn to drive, and it was a longer day with several things happening. Firstly we were to drive to Stranda Ski Village to take the gondola up to the top of the mountain.

View from Stranda What a view! We sat down at the restaurant at the top and had some meat soup (yum!). We pottered about for a bit before taking the gondola back down. There was free WiFi up there too – so obviously we uploaded some piccies to social media 😉 And then I went on Pokemon…… Geiranger

Then we drove on to Hellesylt to get the ferry to Geiranger. This wasn’t quite as good as I was expecting. It was a nice hour journey, but it wasn’t the best. The views, as kB rightly pointed out, are better from higher up not lower down.

At Stranda

Once we were off the ferry we had two view points that I wanted to shoot from. The first one was in the opposite direction to home, and it was a really steep, really windy road. Because it was in the opposite direction it meant I had to drive up, and then back down it.
The second view point was up the Eagle Road, which was another steep, windy road but this was more like the troll road so it was a bit better to drive up. After that it was back to the hotel.

Day 3 – Isle of Skye

Fairy Pools Today we have managed to get around and see quite a bit. We started off a bit later than I had originally planned as the hotel we are stopping in doesn’t start serving breakfast until 8am (Apparently they do do a packed breakfast for those who want to leave earlier, but I want a full cooked breakfast!). By the Cuillins

Due to the fact I’d ninja’d in the Cuillins and Shigachan Bridge yesterday, we had a bit more free time anyway; but we were working against the clock due to the weather.

In the last few weeks I have become someone obsessive about checking the weather. The forecast has been favourable, especially when you consider that we are in Scotland, but today has showers forecast in the afternoon.
Luckily the only major walking we really had planned for today was to the Fairy Pools. Off we went and just as we were 1 minute from the car it started to rain – so the timing was spot on.

Talisker Bay

Next we drove to Talisker bay, and we arrived there almost by accident. There isn’t a lot of signal on the Isle of Skye so we had to kind of aim in what we thought was the right direction. kB saw a sign for an Oyster Shed which said it served lobster and chips for £8.50 and so following his belly we went that way rather than the direction I thought Talisker was in. It turns out that this was a good move, because before we made it to the Oyster Shed we saw a sign for Talisker and followed that.

Fairy Pools

As we got to the Bay we could see the rain coming in so we didn’t stop long. We got showered on as we walked back to the car but the rain wasn’t too heavy and it didn’t last too long.

Fairy Pools

The last stop of the day was Nesit Point Lighthouse. Again with no sat nav we set off blind, but I knew that Dunvegan was in the right direction so we started off following the signs for that. Once we had reached Dunvegan we started following signs for Glendale as I knew, again, that that was in the right direction. On our way to Glendale there were signs for the lighthouse so we followed those and arrived without getting lost! 🙂

Fairy Pools

It was really, really windy at the lighthouse, and once again we could see the rain coming in. This time we made it back to the car before it started to pour it down. So we’ve been quite lucky to mainly miss the rain today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! 🙂

Fairy Pools