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Llanberis (The Lone Tree // 22 02 2022)

The Lone Tree // 22 02 2022

Today we spent the day in Llanberis (North Wales). There were a few things we all wanted to see, including the lone tree, the castle and a big sword.
The weather wasn’t great overnight and into the morning, so it was a late-ish start.

Dolbadarn Castle

We parked up, surprised at how few cars were in the parking lots. We’d circled around enough of the car parks looking for the cheapest – so we’d manage to form a fairly clear picture.


Once we’d found the lone tree, and stopped off in the Lone Tree cafe for a break (very nice soup and chips!) we set off back up the lake to see the castle, then a waterfall, and then walk up Snowdon a tiny bit – by this time it was pretty late in the day and the sun sets at 5ish, so it was time for home before it got dark.

Ceunant Mawr Waterfall

Slovenia; Day 6 – Lake Bled

Lake Bled

I’m a sucker for a viewpoint, and it wouldn’t be a trip to Slovenia without a trip to Lake Bled (I guess?) so we hopped on the bus and off we went. We got off the bus and did the hike to this view point straight away.

Lake Bled

We got a bit lost near the top as it was in forest and not well sign posted, but we made it and the views were spot on. There were some of the steepest stairs ever on the way up, and getting back down them was super hard – I had to walk down the sideways because my feet were too big to fit on them. Pretty sure the gradient was like 120% (Or at least it felt like it)

Lake Bled

Lake Bled was nice, but not my cup of tea because it was quite busy. I was glad we’d not stopped there, as pretty as it was.

Sunset, Lake Bohinj

After tea there was another spot on sunset so I went down to Lake Bohinj and took some final sunset shots, as we were off early the next morning to make our flight.

Sunset, Lake Bohinj
Sunset, Lake Bohinj

Lake Garda; Day 1

It’s May, it’s hot. The hotel we are stopping in is very nice. The food is amazing. We are a little way out of the center, but that suits us. The only down side so far is crossing the road to get to the walk into the center by the lake.


When crossing said road I made a run for it, and forgot that the traffic is on the other side of the road. So got peeped at. Almost died. Got done off of kB for being reckless.


The Lake District – Day 2; Buttermere, Waterfalls and Derwent Water

Derwent Water Today I set my alarm for 645, and decided I would set off early, but not at sunrise. Buttermere

This decision was made on the basis that I wouldn’t be able to see sunrise because of the mountains anyway. When I woke up the sky was a lovely shade of purple/pink, so I was a bit annoyed! Never the less I set off whilst the sun was just below the mountain line and headed for Buttermere; the plan being I would shoot the trees as the sun hit them over the mountain, then walk to Scale Force waterfall.ButtermereWhen I got to Buttermere there were quite a few other photographers there. I set up shop and ended up being there for about an hour. The sun looked promising as it peaked above the mountain, but the higher it got it ended up being hidden behind cloud. Buttermere

At 9am I decided to move on and do the walk to Scale Force. I would rate this walk as “too much bog for the waterfall”. The waterfall itself was a bit disappointing, especially when considering how mucky I got walking to it.

Scale Force I think the most disappointing part of the walk, was the bit where I went up to see the top part of the waterfall. Loads of steep steps, and not a lot there when I got there. However the views over the lake from here were spot on. Buttermere

It was a nice walk (apart from the mud/boggy parts), just not a great waterfall.

Buttermere By this point, I’d walked 40k odd steps and up 300 flights of stairs, and I was getting a bit tired. I stopped it at a cafe at the start/end of the walk and bought a ham and tomato baguette. I’m not sure if I was just mega hungry, or if it genuinely was the best baguette ever, but I really enjoyed it. Derwent Water

I came back to the cottage for an hour and a half, and then went back out to see if I could get on the jetty that I couldn’t get on yesterday.

Derwent Water When I first got there there were loads of photographers around it, so I went off and did my own thing. On my way back there were only 2 photographers left so I joined them and got my shots. Derwent Water

One of the photographers who was there was local and said that the jetty on the other side of the lake is much better, so I’ve had a look and it’s a 20 minute walk from where I am staying so I’ve added that to tomorrows agenda.

Derwent Water Not sure what to do tomorrow, as the weather looks a bit pants on the forecast, but then didn’t look that bad on the BBC forecast on the TV so I guess I will go to the jetty in the morning and play the afternoon by ear. I was supposed to go to Helvellyn, but I don’t much fancy that if it’s chucking it down. I’ve also not managed to get to Ullswater yet either, so I have options. Derwent Water

Even deeper

Ever deeper // 06 12 15340 // 365

This was one of the weirdest experiences. I’d got waders on, but I’ve never worn them before. The places where the water was touching them felt colder than the rest of me, but it was that kind of colder where you’re not sure if it’s cold or wet. So I did spend some time wondering if they had a slow leak.
Anyway, this went off without incident, and also without an audience. Except for kB who was shouting things like “Be careful of rat piss” (He’s obsessed with rat wee), “This is a fishing lake I think, be careful of pike they’ll eat you”, “If it is a fishing lake then it’ll just drop off at some point, I’m not coming in to help unless it’s an emergency”. Feel the love ❤