How to survive… June


June (or the end of it) officially marks the half way part. Sadly though, the advice kind of stops the same through out summer as the same problems pretty much apply month to month. In order to try and mix it up a bit, last year I trialled ‘surrealist June’ wherein I took a surreal (ish) photo every day for the whole month. Some were total pants, but there are some photos in there which I still really like and it set me on a different path in terms of my photography.

Out of Reach // 01 06 13


Positives of June

  • Better weather, longer light. Get out there!
  • Flowers. Always changing!
  • Insects. They can be tricky to shoot, but there will be lots of them. Do some research online to find out which flowers will attract which insects and where you can find them and off you go. If you don’t have a macro lens, try buying some extension tubes, you can get them for around £5 on eBay!

Negatives of June

  • More of the same. May, June and July (and August!) are quite similar. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Storm in a teacup // 14 06 13

How to survive …June 

  • ‘In the style of’ – pick an artist (doesn’t have to be a photographer) and try to do something in their style. Don’t just set out to make a copy of it, but instead try to come up with your own idea but make sure it is in their style.
  • Revisit old shots – this time try to take as close to possible as the same shot. Look for positioning of the camera and lighting to try and recreate it. Where possible though, try to show that you have progressed with your skills.
  • Convince the pet to sit still long enough for a portrait – practice a different technique with someone who wont sit still for long. Don’t have a pet? Borrow one from a neighbour, friend or family member. Even better exchange the photo you take for a visit to their house and a cup of tea with a slice of cake.
  • Document the mundane – try to make every day house hold chores, or the trip to work look at least vaguely interesting. Choose an unusual angle or a really shallow depth of field to help you emphasis details.

June 2013

Standing on the edge of the world // 29 06 13

June 2012

Lupin // 18 06 12

June 2011

Anemone (183 // 19 06 11)

June 2010

11 06 10

What a month!
All done and dusted, managed a surreal shot every single day for a whole month. It was quite intense on the editing and the amount of time sat in front of a computer but it was worth it.
A couple of bad shots, but I think that on the whole this has been my favourite month so far. I’m not going to stop taking shots like this, but I’m not going to commit to doing it each and every day.

Also, half way through the year now! Scary!

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