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Sunday is Bee Day // 10 04 2022

Bee! // 10 04 2022

Over the hill from where I live, there is a beekeeper. My mum says that they have recently built some more hives to expand their bee empire.
Today, I went out into the garden and the heather (I have 2x one is pink and the other is white) were so full of little bees!

Project 365 - 10 April 2022-2

They’re so quick, which makes them difficult to photograph!

(another) Little Bee!

Make yourself at home

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I went to sleep last night with a headache, and when I woke up this morning I still had a headache; but other than that I felt fine. Then, just as I was about to leave for work I became ill, then I had a nose bleed (ebola anyone) so I’ve ended up having the day off work. I’ve mainly super glued myself to my laptop in bed and just tried to take my mind off my sore muscles and tummy ache.

As well as that it’s pretty much rained all day. So I dashed outside with some scissors and snipped this Japanese Anemone off of the plant. I was over joyed to see when I turned it up to look inside the flower that there was a little ladybird having a nap! As the flower dried out and warmed up he woke up and wandered around a bit. Since then he seems to have flown off so I’ve no idea where he is now.


It’s been really warm, but I think it’s the humidity which is what makes it uncomfortable. This year is different from all the recent summers for more than just the heat though, this year I’ve seen loads of butterflies and bees! 😀

Didn’t manage to snap a butterfly today though, but I did capture a ladybug and a buzzy bee