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045 // 365

Today I got a shiny brand new car. I’ve only ever had one car before and it was 14 years old and had no power steering or central locking. It made strange noises. But i did love it. I bought it when I was at university, then I stuck cartoon daisy stickers all over it (well not all over it, in a diagonal line across the roof).
I believe my old car will get scrapped. But 14 is a good number of years for a car to live and he spent 8 of those with me. Good times.

I had intended to either take a photo of the old car or the new car as photo of the day, but it’s mainly rained a lot and been very windy, so that hasn’t happened.

Post Christmas post

Christmas is always busy isn’t it.

Christmas Eve we went to watch The Hobbit 2, then my parents came back to our house for pizza and to watch the Snowman and the Snowdog.
Christmas Day we went to my parents for Christmas dinner; massive three course feast with dodgy cheap presents then my family came over in the evening.
Boxing Day we went to kB’s parents for Christmas dinner part 2.

Today I had my last photography assignment for 2013, shooting two sisters as a surprise gift for their mum.

Looking forward to chilling out for the next few days before the New Years jazz starts. I’m not too bothered about New Years but we are going to some friends and then going to my parents for another three course meal 🙂

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