Day 5 – Skye to Bamburgh

Loch Laggan dam

Today saw a almost seven hour drive from the Isle of Skye to Bamburgh. We drove West to East through the Highlands, past Edinburgh. It was a lot more wintery, and there was snow on the ground, and along the way it started to snow.

Bamburgh Castle

We arrived in Bamburgh just before sunset, and even though the tide was in I grabbed a couple of shots of the beach and the castle. I stopped because a rather large wave came in and literally soaked my up to my knees. Luckily I managed to grab my camera and tripod so they didn’t get too wet; but my Dr Martens, socks and jeans were sodden! I decided to take this as a sign and leave it there for the day.

Bamburgh Castle

Into our last hotel for a shower before mussels for tea. Up for sunrise to shoot the castle again, and have a little explore of said castle before returning home.

Day 4 – Isle of Skye


Today we had a slightly more casual start, as we had a lot of walking to do! The plan was to drive up to and walk the Quiraing, then drive via Kilt Rock down to the Old Man of Storr and walk that too. In total that’s about 4 hours of walking according to the guides I found on the internet before we went. The weather forecast had changed a bit and it looked a bit more wet, but off we went anyway. Quiraing was a lovely walk. The path was narrow and there was a bit of a drop on one side of it, but it wasn’t that steep so we were both OK (kB is afraid of heights). The weather was really nice and the views were spectacular. We got hailed on very briefly as we reached the half way point but it soon passed. Rainy Views

The views were really epic and we could see for miles; so we could see all of the rain showering the other places in the distance.
We managed to walk the walk (Or “hike” as kB insists I must call it) in under 2 hours.
Just as we got back to the car it really really lashed it down with sleet, and it lasted for a good 5 minutes so we were glad we made it back to the car when we did – seems to be a bit of a theme for the holiday!

Next we drove to Kilt Rock, which was a bit disappointing because it was really hard to see the waterfall from the viewing platform, and it was pretty much impossible to photograph it from up there (Well, you can photograph it, but it’s at an awkward angle).

View from Quiraing

Then we set out to walk to the Old Man of Storr. This walk had a really steep uphill start which, for some reason, we ended up walking up really fast in hindsight.
Once up the starting path you go up some more step like rocks up to the Old Man itself. This was a lot easier to walk up!

Once at the top we took some photos, it started to snow, and then we set off back down. It was only as we were coming down that we realised just how far we had walked, and just how quickly we had marched up – no wonder I was tired.

We got back to the hotel pretty early, had a warm shower and a nap before going down for tea. The hotel does really great pizzas so we’ve had pizza two nights in a row now! hahaha not even sorry.

Tomorrow we have a really long drive through Scotland and then on to Bamburgh. I’m hoping that the drive down will be as epic as the drive up, especially as once we get to Fort William we are veering off to the East into unchartered Scottish territories so all of the views will be different!

We decided to go out at night to see the night sky. Boy was that a good move. So. Many. Stars.
Cuillins at Night

Cuillins at Night

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