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Sunday is Bee Day // 10 04 2022

Bee! // 10 04 2022

Over the hill from where I live, there is a beekeeper. My mum says that they have recently built some more hives to expand their bee empire.
Today, I went out into the garden and the heather (I have 2x one is pink and the other is white) were so full of little bees!

Project 365 - 10 April 2022-2

They’re so quick, which makes them difficult to photograph!

(another) Little Bee!

Sunset on the Moorlands

The weather promised me that it the clouds would go for the sunset, but an hour before the sun would dip below the horizon line, it was still pretty cloudy.

Heather I decided it was worth the risk, and the trip out, so I put some clothes back on (I’d had a shower and gotten straight into my jim jams from the Abbey walk earlier in the day) and off we went up the hill out of the valley to the car park at the top. Heather

How patiently I waited when we got to the car park at the top! I wandered around trying to find a good patch of heather, set up shop and waited. The longer I waited the more the clouds parted.

Heather Heather

Every day there has been a rainbow at around the same time (just before sunset) in the same place. How bizarre!

Heather Heather

On Unfamiliar Ground

On Unfamiliar Ground

After waking from her sleep she finds herself in an unfamiliar place. She must have walked here whilst she slept. There is heather as far as the eye can see, and the sun is hidden behind dark rain clouds, although it isn’t yet raining.
The sun has well and truly risen, and it is time to move forward and see what the new day brings.

Chasing sunsets

Chasing sunsets // 06 09 15//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js249 // 365
What do you do when you go out with some photo peeps to shoot the sunset but it just isn’t happening? (well obviously the sunset was happening, just behind a very large cloud that was sitting quite contently on the horizon line) You grab your back up dress out of your ruck sack, pull it on over your Dissection t-ship and ripped skinny jeans and go frolicking in the heather. I really struggled to get myself in focus today, as I was using my new wide angle lens (10-20mm Sigma, FYI) and I was finding it hard to figure out where to stand. Luckily I had some help on hand, and one of the photo peeps very kindly stood in place for me, then I stood where he was stood and all was well. Sunset, Suprise View//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and upwards // 14 09 14

257 // 365

Today has been a busy day. My hips have been pretty bad, and it hurt to walk around WIckes (DIY shop). Despite this I’ve helped kB paint the edging border for the garden. Then he painted the decking so we are in effect ‘painted in’ as we can’t leave the house until it has dried.

This is not perfect, but I’ve run out of time on it so it is what it is.

Early morning at surprise view

Early morning at Surprise View // 13 09 14256 // 365

This was a ‘back up’ shot for today, but as soon as I saw it on the PC I knew I’d end up using it. I went with a photo friend back out to Surprise View this morning (We didn’t go for sunrise as it was cloudy so there wasn’t too much point). Surprise View is pretty much the same place that I took the heather shot last week, and it was my intention to take a partner shot to go with it.

My pose let the shot down; I knew I wouldn’t be using it as soon as I started to go through the photos but none the less I had a go at putting it together, but abandoned it after an hour or so. What I do have though is the heather / background for that shot so I will have a go at compositing me onto the background another day and see how that goes!

Of the captivating colours of autumn

Of the captivating colours of autumn // 07 09 14250 // 365

Working on themes, this is another one which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but had to wait until the right time of year! This was taken in the Park District, Derbyshire, England. Where there is somewhat of an abundance of heather. I love heather, it is so pretty! ^-^