Offering // 23 02 15054 // 365

Quite pleased with myself today; 30 minutes exercise bike, 30 minutes circuit training, 40+ minutes dancing.
We aimed to go to a tone and sculpt class, only to find out that the receptionist had told us it was on when in fact it had stopped running weeks ago. As we were already out and there was a clubercise (dancing in the dark with glowsticks! lol!) class on we decided to just go for it. Enjoyed it probably more than I should have. Will return…


Incognito // 04 02 15035 // 365

Today my last birthday present came – kB ordered me a Elven head crown thing (To go with my elf ears 😉 kB totally has an elf thing, and I shot myself in the foot by saying I wanted to be an elf after watching the Hobbit on Christmas Eve!)

The poisoned chalice

The poisoned chalice // 07 01 15007 // 365

I decided I was going to do this shot this morning as I was driving to work. I bought this chalice under kB’s instruction at the back end of last year as we were shopping for Christmas presents for people. kB said that I should buy it because I would totally use it in a photo. So I did. Also because it wasn’t really that expensive.

I’ve got a couple of other shots in mind with it, but for now I’ll just add one to my collection of ‘hands holding stuff in the dark’ album 😉 of which you can see the other shots here if you are that way inclined.

In other news I ordered some Dr Martens the other day; 10 minutes after I’d paid they’d been shipped. Impressive.

That cosy feeling

That cosy feeling // 08 12 14

342 // 365

I have Christmas decoration envy from my mum. She has this little snowman that you put a candle behind and he glows. In reality it’s a pretty naff looking 80s/90s decoration, but it reminds me of Christmas. As does the naff glass sweet bowl thing she has. You knew it was Christmas Eve when the naff glass thingy came out and sweets were in it! In fact I think I have a picture of it from Christmas day the other year…

Here we go! Presenting horrible glass thing that is basically the spirit of Christmas!

The Big Day // 25 12 12

Anyway, the story was that I’ve spent ages looking for a snowman tea light thingy but can’t find one so settled for the house in today’s ‘photo of the day’. It’s not quite the same, but it’ll do 🙂

: )

: ) // 27 06 14178 // 365

This was such a hassle to shoot in terms of holding the camera in one hand and holding hands with the other. You would have thought that I was asking my boyfriend to stand on one hand the amount of huffing and sighing involved in this. Such an effort to hold my hand 😛

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