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Day 11 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge – FAILED due to weather 😦

It poured it down with rain for most of the day. Really poured it down. Chucked it down. I braved the torrential rain in my rain mac to cut down some ivy from the fence in the back yard. This is the second edit of this shot.

Upset that I couldn’t take a photo in a different location every day, but the weather just did not allow it. I will try for the rest of the week, but the forecast is just as miserable 😦

Science Time

Today I went into university with my boyfriend to do science! OK well he did science, I sat around reading a book for the most part, photographing bits of science for the other part.
Here are my favourite shots of the day…


I wanted to get out of the habit of photographing Christmas decorations – at least for one day!
Only one more get up at work and it is a half day. The weather forcaste looks OK so I think I might stop off somewhere on the way back from work ^_^

Today I used the iPad as a back lighting device (again – I really need to make that back lighting box!) and went for a kiwi. Much happier with this than the pomegranate I did earlier in the month.

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