Giving up

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I spend massive chunks of my life asleep. I love being asleep but I do not love being tired, and I find that I am tired more often than not.

A nap to me can be something which lasts 4 hours. If I don’t nap in the day I struggle to say away past 10pm (on a good day). There is no way I could go on a night out and not have a nap. The times when I have tried to do this I’ve fallen asleep whilst on the night out. Then people assume I was hysterically drunk. Nope, just tired.

The Fallen

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This is nowhere even close to what I had in mind for today, but it rained most of the day; and when it wasn’t raining it was brilliant sunshine making the shot I originally planned couldn’t be done!


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Damp. It rained a lot of the day but then the sun came out (although it spent a lot of time playing behind clouds). It’s not often that I use the sun in a shot with me in it (mainly due to compositional problems and what not, hard to be behind the camera and in front of the camera at the same time 😉 ) but I decided to go for it this time as the tree was a massive help.
I couldn’t jump/pull myself up but I had managed to talk kB into coming out for the walk, so he hoisted me up and passed me cups and saucers 🙂

Down by the train tracks

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Today I decided (probably against my better judgement) to drive to the place in the shots, and wander around. My legs have been bad since Saturday, but I was determined not to waste today (“day off”).
I was suprised how easy it was to get to, plenty of space to park, easy to walk to and get into!
On the way back I managed to grab 10 or so textures too – a grand day all round. So much so that I had trouble deciding which shot to use as “Photo of the Day” … so I did the unheard of and uploaded 3!

As well as being undecided, I felt that the three shots actually worked together to tell a story; the first one is where all is fine (as fine can be when you are lost at dusk!), there is a sense of urgancy about one, then a sense of defeat



Wake me up when darkness falls

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I have all the worst ideas; after suffering from knee pain for most of the weekend (the really bad kind where I feel like I can’t do anything) I decide to hike up a hill covered in grass which literally came up to my shoulders in places.
In my defence I did’t realise it was that tall…
Day off tomorrow – got a location and props sorted and quite looking to it


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I believe that you feel things more acutely when you are feeling vulnerable, those times when you need that little bit extra support are the times when if someone lets you down you feel it all the more.
At present this is something which I can relate to. It takes a lot for me to admit that I need help; and normally I do myself more damage by doggidly sticking with something, rather than admitting I need a helping hand. More often that not if someone realises that I need a hand – and offers one – I bat it away.
I’m stubborn, and at times this can be my downfall.

Never alone

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I hate it when it’s a weekend and your alarm is not set but you wake up early anyway even though you have been stupidly tired all week. This morning I woke up at 730. I laid there for a bit, then ideas came popping into my head. This was one of them, the idea that you should always have your own back.
I know some people are their own worst enemy, but if you can’t rely on yourself then who can you rely on?
: )
Happy weekend folks!