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Silhouetted against the sun

Silhouetted against the sun // 20 07 14

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The other day I received a message from Yahoo! asking me to submit some shots to their Project Weather. 

In a nut shell as part of their Yahoo! Weather app they have an image which shows the weather conditions in the place where you are (or where you are looking at a weather forecast for), so if you happen to be in a place where I have taken a landscape shot and the weather conditions are the same as the ones in my shot then my image might show up! 🙂

Suburban Sunset

187 // Suburban Sunset

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Today I finally got my own way… We put the tent up (to air it out and check for holes etc). We’re off to Bloodstock Open Air festival next month, and the putting up of the tent ceremony is something I always kind of look forward to. I’m not sure why I look forward to it, but I do!

Tent is fine, and all packaged up again. In my excitement I started writing lists of what we need to buy for the festival, then went out and bought some of it! hahah ❤


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Yesterday it rained so so much. Today it has rained on and off, so whilst it was ‘off’ I ventured into the garden with my favourite little man and got a few shots. I feel really tired today; I didn’t wake up until 1030 which is unusually late for me, then I went back to bed  at 1230 for 3 hours! I still feel tired now, and I’m hoping that it’s just because I did quite a bit yesterday.

Wake me up when darkness falls

Wake me up when darkness falls

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I have all the worst ideas; after suffering from knee pain for most of the weekend (the really bad kind where I feel like I can’t do anything) I decide to hike up a hill covered in grass which literally came up to my shoulders in places.
In my defence I did’t realise it was that tall…
Day off tomorrow – got a location and props sorted and quite looking to it

Washing away the last of summer

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Seem to be rocking the square format this week, no idea why as I normally hate square format.

Anyway, this was more trouble than it was worth. It’s rained all day, I was uninspired (feeling a bit under the weather and my knees and hips are starting to hurt *woe* ), then after much trouble-shooting it looks like the transmitter from my wireless flash kit needs a new battery, by this point I had pretty much lost the will to do the shot, so used the extension cable and bedside lamp instead.
Being outside in jim jams in the wet/cold/dark whilst feeling pants is not an experience I would recommend. Next time, an OOF shot of the floor will suffice…

Caught in the grass

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Lazy Sundays are the best.
I tried going for something more elaborate, but knew as soon as I put the pictures on the PC that I wouldn’t like it, so I abandoned it and went out after tea just before sunset.

The relinquishment of fear

The relinquishment of fear

Sometimes we cling to that which makes us afraid; comfort in a familiar feeling.
Sometimes it does us good to free ourselves of that which is holding us back – lifting a weight from our shoulders.

This is all easier said than done though, as most things tend to be.

Sometimes I look at my work and wonder why it is so dark; why can’t (or don’t) I do something lighter? There are the occasional lighter shots in there but on the whole my body of work is quite dark. Then I remember that I find beauty in things which people would consider dark; the music I listen to, the books I’ve read, the films I watch (though I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a film person).

Having said all of this, I’m a massive wuss and I get scared quite easily. I’m scared of being in the house by myself when it’s dark, I’m scared of garages and lofts, sometimes I’m scared of dark stairs and hallways. It used to be really bad when I lived in my old house with my parents. My bedroom was part of the extension on the house, which meant there was a short hallway at the top of the stairs which led to my room and the main bathroom. I would imagine all sorts lurking on those stairs, wolves was one of the main things. Big red glowing eyes.
We lived in that house until I was 20, and I remained scared of leaving my bedroom at night until we left.
I also feared that houses garage; when I was driving my mums car and had to put it in the garage I would open the door just enough that I could peer under it and check that nothing was there lurking.

The layout of the last house I lived in with my parents was different. The house on the whole was darker, but the garage was boarded up from the inside so nothing could lurk and there were light switches everywhere and not a hallway in sight. The entire house was split over four floors  so there wasn’t a long dark staircase either.

The house I now live in is in between the two; I’m not as scared as I was in the first house, but there is still a staircase issue and a very big loft issue.

Weird how strange phobias come about, though in part I put it down to a very over active imagination; so this shot (and post) is about embracing that which makes us unique and using it to make us stronger as people in whichever way makes us happy.
Embrace that which is you 🙂

Only the best will do

Only the best will do

This was a bit too difficult to do in terms of being completely alone. Below where I was sat was brambles, so every time I wanted to get down I had to put my shoes on, and I needed to get down every time I chucked the flowers.
I’d envisioned my chucking arm being lower and the flowers being more falling, but it was warm and if I am going to be totally honest I got fed up quite quickly of putting my boots on, jumping down, carefully picking up the flowers, climbing back up, taking boots off – for every single shot.